Persuaded to Thumb Down Persuasion

Netflix decided to make Persuasion.

Persuasion, a book by Jane Austen.

Decidedly one of my favorites.

There is a 1995 BBC movie starring Amanda Root that I have on DVD. It’s very good.

Mansfield Park got a treatment that was different in 1999 and I would have to say, this new 2022 Persuasion from Netflix, shares a lot with Mansfield Park that I dislike.

First off – Anne of Persuasion was a bit older, not very young and not very pretty just not ugly and sad, and worn.

Beginning the Netflix version you have a very flippant narration of Anne and it so says “I’m Fanny from Mansfield Park”

Lady Russell showed up and voilà I said good-bye. The transfer of characters to other people where they wanted to do so, starting with Lady Russell, not cool.

Thumb down. Personalities shine through in Jane Austen and I really don’t understand why casting and directing of Jane Austen is either “Spot ON” or “What have you done!”

We already have too much “What have you done!” in the Jane Austen world. We certainly didn’t need another one [Persuasion (2022) I am looking at you!]

It may be a fine movie, but adaptions are something I can just watch so easily. It begs me to watch the other edition I have, and read the book instead.

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