Stuff I like:


The Cure

Various Shades of Blue (my favorite color as an adult, not my favorite when a child … I don’t like just ONE kind of blue though … sky colors, gem colors, water colors, cobalt, navy, pale, bright, just a few descriptives)
Farmland staying farmland (I hate ‘development’ … it ruins country, beautiful countryside, makes me sad)
Asia (the band)
Stryper (the band)
Styx (the band)
Tesla (the band, as well as the man)
Cinderella (the band)
Xymox (the band)
Clan of Xymox (the band)
Yes (the band)
Vivaldi (the composer)
80’s Hair Bands
Some 80’s pop
Melodic Rock
Coca Cola Classic
Sweet Tea (Luzianne, 12 regular bags, 2 qts water, boil, remove tea bags, add 1 1/4 cups sugar. Pour into container add more water/ice to make 1 gallon. Add lemon juice, zest, wedges, slices, some or a combination of some. Chill. Enjoy!)
Hens (chickens that are female and lay eggs for human consumption)
natural old-fashioned cooking methodology with natural & organic foods
Izzie Sparkling Rasberry
Boylan’s Black Cherry [soda] The Natural Kind
Calvin & Hobbes
Office Supply junkie on a restricted diet, it’s hard work …
DVD moviesBlu-ray Movies
Netflix HD and Netflix 4K
Jane Austen books and movie adaptions
Some Sci-Fi stuff i.e.:
–movies: I, Robot; Pitch Black; Chron. of Riddick; Marvel X-Men; Marvel Avengers, etc.
–books: Cordwainer Smith is the primary writer, I don’t read any other sci-fi
Photography, Digital Photography
Rubber Stamping
Making cards (with rubber stamp and scrapbook supplies and methods)

LEGO Video Games
PixelJunk Monsters, inFamous,

Farming Books:

You Can Farm
Pastured Poultry Profits
The Family Cow

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