Don Juan Cricut Cartridge

I gathered enough Cricut Reward Points to finally get a full cartridge last week. I ordered “Don Juan” and had to pay nearly $14.00 for shipping & handling. That’s a lot, but since it was “free” oh well.

At any rate I checked the cricutrewards website on Monday and Tuesday, nothing showed about it having been shipped. Wednesday nothing showed either. Thursday I got an email from them saying it had shipped. I checked the UPS site with the tracking number and it was to be delivered on Friday, the very next day. It’d been in their system for a long time already, but for some reason cricutrewards just didn’t send the info in a timely manner. FWIW

I need to STILL get things in better order in the area of the house that I’m to have for scrapbooking. It’s a dark hole in our walkout basement. I need to get a light installed in the ceiling, have to actually choose one first, and buy it. I looked at Home Depot over the past weekend and wasn’t satisfied with what I saw. I’ll have to go back and make some sort of decision because there will be NOTHING done down there without some overhead light. It’s just too dark/dank/yucky.

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