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Doug Wilson has been very busy He has an ammended version of A Short Credo on Heresy, a new credo: A Short Credo on Giving Offense, and finally something called Presbyterian Fables. Ah, the “Fables” are a new turn to enlightening us all as to what he’s talking about. Yes, he believes he’s right and we are wrong.

Basically, here we are in 2003, and we are under postmodern, enlightenment influence, and are stuck in the 1600’s as well. What a mixture! What’s the opposite? According to Wilson, it’s becoming “Medievel”. No, not the “knights in shining armour at the Round Table” kind of Medievelry. But something akin to those times, as the Moscowites seem to think that good Christian doctrine abounded back in Medievel times, and that we can take it from there and improve upon it.

Well, that means leaving the Confessions of Faith [all of them] behind. Abandoning them entirely, actually. That is vehlmently denied by the AAPC type of person, but true nonetheless.

Wilson isn’t that different in many beliefs from me. But because he attacks my world view, saying we in the South in Presbyterian circles are encased in Enlightenment thinking, he goes on to say more and more irritating things, shoving it at us and forcing us to take it, though it’s not ours at all. We don’t believe that, or practice that. We are Biblical and Systematic. And Confessional. Puhlease Mr. Wilson, take some stock in what’s at stake, and visit us in the South, in Georgia.

I have some labels for myself:

Reformed, Presbyterian, Christian Agrarian, Paleo-Conservative, Theonomic, Reconstructionist, Ultra Optomistic Postmillenial.

I am a member of a church of the RPCUS, the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States, Covenant Presbytery. Other members are similar, though not all are “agrarian” but that’s something I’m slowly spreading in our church 😉

Let’s see, we are paedo-baptists, we catechize our young children, we EXPECT boring testimonies.

What else, hmmm, I have a somewhat boring testimony. I was raised in a Dispensational independant Baptist (conservative) home. I was baptized when I was 13. When was I “saved”. I had no answer for anyone on that until I was 19 and ran into TULIP. I was “saved”? No. I was “regenerated” when I was very young, before birth or after, I have no “memory” of NOT being regenerated. That explains why I have no “testimony”. I never “walked the aisle”. When we moved to Florida when I was 13, the pastor of our new church decided after talking to me that I could be “baptized” and admitted to the Lords Supper. Hey, why not, it should have happened years before, but no one cared to tell me I could [and no one would have, I now know. They were waiting for me to be “converted”]. Did I shrivel before I was baptized and had the Lord’s Supper once a month? No. I grew in grace and in the ways one does, my faith continued and was strong as I grew up in years.

So I was a “believing follower of Christ” for all my life. I only learned more truth since I ran into “reformedom”. Before that, the Baptist church was all there was, but it wasn’t what I thought was ultimately right. I knew that, but didn’t know anything other than: Baptist is supposed to be right, Southern Baptist are pretty nuts, Roman Catholics are in a cult, and there are many other kinds of churches, all of them protestant and just nothing close to “reformed”. I didn’t know about “The Reformation” until after I learned TULIP. That’s nuts, but true. The baptist culture suppresses the truth.

I found out why baptists often think the RCCers are a cult. They are on the opposite side of Christianity. But the thing is, there ARE “Christians” in the RCC. I truly believe they need to come out of the RCC, but that’s beside the point. Non-Reformed Protestants often consider the RCC as full of cult members. That isn’t so, but he RCC is a heretical church, not THE CHURCH. This is true, just read the Bible for what it says and one can see, particularly if they are truly regenerate, that RCC is not Biblical, [and neither is Dispensational theology, or many deviant types of so-called christianity].

So I’ve come to this place in life, where the church I am is standing for truth. A stance had to be taken on New Perspective theology, and it was. It was also decided at that presbytery meeting that the AAPC 2002 lectures were tainted with this view, each man didn’t hold to the exact same view, but that they were teaching similar things, outside of what the Bible teaches, and particularly the Westminster Standards. The presbytery issued a “Call to Repentance” which asked of each of the men to repent of wrong teaching, and that the courts of their church’s should bring resolution to this. The RPCUS asked this of the men and their churches. THAT is “anathema”? Ha. Not.

May God have mercy on your souls, that isn’t “anathama” either. ANATHAMA is the word used to depict “ANATHAMA”. Without it, you can’t say that “May God have mercy on your souls” is a pronouncement of “anathama”. “May God have mercy on your souls” can mean something like “We believe you are in error in what you are teaching, may God show you the error clearly and may you repent of it. May God grant you the ability to show forth perserverence”. For we do not want any of the Monroe 4 to show that they are unrepentant, and don’t perservere. Teaching another gospel. That is not good, we want our Reformed Brothers to stay in the fold of Reformed Christianity.

We don’t want to hold them back, in a stale, dead, faith. We don’t believe the Reformed church is so dead and stale. The PCA is struggling with issues. They have some major liberal garbage going on. That’s the least of it. The Monroe 4 have attacked the faithful Christian Body that is headquartered in Georgia. Southern Presbyterians. They did this in the 2002 lectures. That Body of Christ’s Church had to speak up, since it was an issue within. The thing isn’t about HOW it came to public light. That’s foolish. What about the substance of the entire controversy?

That’s all for this post. I’ve gone way off tangent. Just please know, who ever you are reading this, that God is faithful to save whom He has predestined to salvation. And He regenerates His chosen, and gives them faith, which is a free gift. One cannot resist the spirit. Once you are regenerated you WILL believe, and you WILL have faith, and you WILL do good works, but you are JUSTIFIED BY FAITH ALONE, and that faith is a GIFT to those who are already REGENERATE. Fruit, good works, are proof in the pudding, that’s all, they are not a condition for salvation, nor Justification. Justification is a final thing. Sanctification? Well, that’s all. If I keep going, I’ll get drawn up on heret … oh, that’s all folks. I won’t go further.

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  1. Douglas Stambler Avatar
    Douglas Stambler

    Doug Wilson’s church is falling, and I’m going to need assistance in helping members of his church move away from that twisted theology of his.

    Please e-mail me if you would like to contribute to a newsletter to his church members, after the church falls.


    In Christ,
    Douglas Stambler
    (Pullman, WA)

  2. Gary Avatar

    I think it is funny that the only other person to respond to the above blog is Douglas Stambler! Do a google search on that name and see the joke – He is a prophet! Really, just ask him…. or google.

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