Digital Movie Locker problems

I un-linked Vudu from Disney Movies Anywhere. Oh no, there goes the problem.

I have 2 Vudu accounts, keep them separate, in different browsers (no problem usually.) Unfortunately I didn’t have 2 Vudu accounts always and have used Disney Movies Anywhere in either browser. Yep, there’s my problem.


So now I have to wait until … March 2017 to re-link it to the Vudu account I want it on.

I have the same Disney movies in both Vudu accounts now, but won’t get any new ones in either because I un-linked DMA from that 2nd Vudu account too.

I have other services linked to Disney Movies Anywhere, and that’ll have to suffice until … early March.

Thankfully the Digital HD DMA code entry will work just fine in this situation.

I also had a tiger of a time getting my old freaking apple id itunes thingie linked with DMA today. Chrome wouldn’t work. Edge wouldn’t work. I had to download Firefox and of course that worked. Hmph. Anyhow I had Itunes linked before, but hadn’t for a long time. it’s just a backup sort of movie collection for “just in case.” (I don’t use Itunes at all, just had been using it to redeem Digital Copy in the early days after one Windows digital copy went bad upon reinstall of window. Such a bad system that is/was.)

Only thing I still wish is that now Google Play Movies would be able to link to my UV Library. I have great ability to use Google Play Movies on any device. Please UltraViolet light up my Google Play Movies!

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