It’s Christmas Season!

Christmas Season is my favorite time of year. It’s colder and there’s the fireplace in use most days, planning goes high gear, implementation knocked out as can do all the next month.

Of course, we just got done with Thanksgiving Day and my daughters birthday the next day, and I got sick over that time. I hate colds, I hate them! I’m really in no shape to do much, it’s enraging when there WERE things you had wanted to do, but have no way of forcing yourself to care about those things anymore.

Easy tasks are now nightmare. I don’t have the energy to do more than blow my nose, drink coffee, play on my PS Vita, or read something (book, on PC, Tablet, phone, etc.)

For instance I took no photos the last couple of days. Oh no!

Even now, there are beautiful maples  in my yard, getting redder by the day, and I have taken none. My Thanksgiving meal, that day, nothing. Daughters birthday, nothing. Ugh.



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