Dyson DC14 Wand Cap Replacement

I am amazed that I never blogged about my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I love the thing, DC14 Animal … oh, had it for years now. At any rate, the wand cap broke off long ago and I always fancied I’d get a replacement for it, sooner than later. Well it was later. I was on Amazon last week and saw a Dyson on sale … which prompted me to look for Dyson parts … oh boy I can replace almost anything on this fine piece of machinery.

On Subtitles; Plex

Vobsub disappear on Plex when Direct Playing.

I prefer subtitles. I just want subtitles for what is being said by each character. Am I hard of hearing? No. I am Visual though, highly visual and if sound and images don’t clearly separate, text helps me to immediately translate sounds into language.

#Subtitles #Plex #Vobsub #MKA #MKV