Month: September 2018

  • Lesser Angel-Winged Katydid

    Lesser Angel-Winged Katydid

    On my roses this past week. 

  • Continuing on

    Having stopped taking over the counter drugs of any kind for the most part, I have taken some of the Red Pill Sudafed … but only one pill, and days apart, maybe three pills since I started this. I took one Liquid Advil last week, in the middle of the night when I had some…

  • Roses, comparing

    Roses, comparing

    Comparing S6 and Note5 photos one year apart. Subject: my Knockout Roses. One profile picture from each year. My current phone is a Note8. I had an older Note5 outside yesterday, so my photos I have are from the phone I had in September last year, S6, and the older Note5 for this year.  I…

  • Hollow Night: how it all came to be this way for me.

    Hollow Night: how it all came to be this way for me. || Hollow Knight has taken me prisoner…I know the game is going to torture me once I have it to play. I look forward to the misery. #HollowKnight

  • Guitar Hero Live: Forget-it

    I had decided to try to get all the GHL trophies on PS4 before it’s shut down near the end of 2018. All August 2018 I played EDF 4.1 instead, thinking I’d put my all into it Sept., Oct., and Nov. … While playing EDF I came to grips with, isn’t EDF actually harder to…