Emby working better for me

Emby is working better for me since I took that DDR3 8gb stick out of my computer the other day.

Neither my computer has crashed nor Emby on my tablet stopped and through the miracle of removing that memory stick, my tablet now can watch my content in Emby without sucking my battery dry.

I watched a subs burnt 1080p Lord of the Rings: Return of the King extended version night before last, starting at 100% battery, by the time the movie was done, the battery was down to 51% Hurray!

Last night I watch the SD version of Willow, with subs burnt, it direct played. Then 1080p Ladyhawk, transcoded to 10mps etc., then 1080p Centurion, also transcoded … when all was said and done, battery was at 32%.

The only difference in all this was the Memory stick removed. So bad Memory was plaguing my Emby use since October, but worse the last couple of months, I wondered if my battery was needing replaced, almost believed that. At the end of January my computer began acting up for me in crucially understandable ways that something was wrong. Either my graphics card, or my memory, god forbid it be either … but it was a lone memory stick, which means I need to replace two stick with a kit, to get back to dual-memory.

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