I just started with a new LICH in Warframe … the worst start ever.

Uranus. 4 Nodes only. Disruption, Interception, Survival, Defense.


I’ve been doing Lich after Lich on and off for a couple of months now. I have been doing the last few on SOLO only. No problem at all.

So I get a new one and bam, 2 I can do alone but Disruption and Interception … no.

When a Lich is new he rarely spawns in the second mission, sometimes more likely the 3rd, but even that is pretty rare.

I usually have at least a choice of undesirable and desirable missions to run at rank 1 Lich. The only way to increase influence is to complete all influenced nodes on a planet, or rank the Lich up if he spawns. Finding others to play that have better nodes to play on is nice, and hard to find. With prior Lich’s I have gone on Seven missions in a row before with my Lich never spawning, though he was very annoyed to fuming. At that point I was with some other players and finally had him spawn in. I’d run out of nodes, but had progressed well into having all my mods revealed.

So here I am with my new Lich, two missions played, all the murmurs I could muster, the very bad for solo only 2 missions left, and I’m going to have to beg the recruiting channel or just keep going on that disruption mission and hope to all heavenly goodness someone will join, or I don’t know what … I could have a miserable wait to find someone with more nodes. Ugh.

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