I’ve looked up my posts here about computers over the years and it’s pretty fun to see how I was thinking, how things were before etc.

Then I saw a post about a computer sleeping problem, and sleep has been a big topic for me all the time so that prompted me to search “sleep” … in general.

The sleep posts are all over the place and I didn’t really get a kick out of the changes I wrote about, becoming someone who NEEDS sleep when I was a person who was a night owl, insomniac and OK will a little sleep compared with how it has been for quite awhile now.

It was great though to see that I used to be a night owl, I really was! I shut down at night now. I can’t be up too late without feeling horrible. Also, if I do stay up later, feeling more energetic than usual, I feel horrible when I go to sleep and it just feels miserable all night, and getting extra sleep than normal is the only fix, which equals, a full miserable day inbetween that late getting to sleep night, and the next night early to sleep and sleeping longer than normal.

I don’t like feeling miserable from sleep or lack there of.

I saw one idea where I talked about stage 1 sleeping on a couch, and stage 2 in bed. Making a habit of it …

I think that would be a keen idea to invest in again. I like to sleep as well as I can alone. Others sounds get to me like is hard to describe. I can hear anyone talking, and tv on, no matter how loud it is. It’s like spy equipment or something. Ugh.

The horrible fact of sleep is, I can go to sleep with nothing on, but my tablet hosts me watching a favorite movie to fall asleep / sleep by sometimes more than one … if I wake up. Too often my attention is on the movie and I don’t go to sleep.

Sometimes I don’t do a movie, but turn on music instead. That works, sometimes. Just like movies can help, but don’t always.

What would work would be, fall asleep Stage 1 on a couch with my tablet and earbuds with music playing low volume. In bed my hubby, when home, wants me to have something playing out loud, movie or whatever. Earbuds would help to seal out other voices, and let me focus on sleep, drifting, drifting, out.

Well then, other posts that are funny to read are various seasonal allergy posts. It’s a big problem for me lately all the more since a virus, that may or may not have been Covid, showing up on Christmas Eve day upon waking. My problem is worse, mucous and junk and drippy into my throat causing irritation constantly. I need Sudafed so badly often. I was taking a 12-hour twice a day for a few months. Totally killed my motivation and energy. Now I only take a 12-hour Sudafed at bedtime-ish. Well before is fine 5pm or 6pm. Then I feel clearer when going to sleep and sleep through most of the crappy feeling.

I have saline nose sprays again, and that helps me so much it’s wonderful. It’s helped me back out of the daytime 12-hour Sudafed use. I allow myself an occasional 1 red Sudafed pill in the daytime as needed. AS NEEDED.

All my adult life I have used Sudafed, and allergy pills, like Claritin and Allertec and Benadryl.

I used Claritin early 2019, after not having it for long, long time. It was horrible. Little item on possible side-affects on WebMD: “Inablity to urinate.” Holy Cow! That’s how Claritin acts in me now. I can’t use it. Ick!

Allertec started making me feel weird, so that’s out. Benadryl is my one Allergy HELP ME pill now. It is a nighttime use things only as it makes me whooshy and mean and even meaner. It does make me feel so smooth though, all those raw edges gone.

So much to say about those topics since reading my old posts. I should devote time to making individual new posts on the topics though. So even though alot of this stuff is awful, I got a kick out all of it really. 🙂

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