My allergies have been bad for years, but more seasonal bad that always, with little times of more sinus congestion, I tend to have that overall the worst. My sinuses are probably tiny and that is why they plague me so.

At any rate I am allergic to practically anything or everything, I don’t know anymore. So I have been taking Benadryl and Sudafed 12-hour religiously since … sometime in March 2021, I have had terribly itchy eyes and misery that was hard to deal with but not as bad as lately, for over a full year … wow, more like over a year and a half now. Ouch, um, maybe more like 2 and a half years … I think that is right. Oh it’s awful.

My new tactic: No more drugs for allergies.

Allergy Care made by Genexa is Homeopathic.

So far it as helped a lot.

Cute box, embossed images, that lovely yellow sun is so tactile!

Saturday 5am I took a Sudafed 12-hour. I was so locked down with clogged up sinuses, it was horrible. Living like that is not good, taking Sudafed constantly is not good either.

I looked online to see what Sudafed was on Amazon. No, you can’t get Sudafed normal that way, you can’t get it without being on a control list at a store. Being denied when you get too much. I detest such laws and since only my hubby gets the Sudafed, I was to be without it for like nearly a month.

See, if I went and did it with my ridiculous government ID, then I’d end up in a denied position anyhow sooner or later, but it’s is fully not my intention to even take that stuff all the time. I literally just didn’t know what else to do and my political detest kept me solidly dribbling to stretch what I had to the time it had to fill and get more –it was a horrible game to play.

What is on Amazon is Sudafed PE. That junk is worthless … so, “oh boy, what is this?” I found the link above at the bottom of the page and ordered it pretty fast.

I don’t believe or dis-believe in Homeopathics. I want to say I agree with the idea in general and it’s worth a try when you need something accomplished.

I haven’t had Sudafed since that Saturday morning. A nice hot shower helps a bit to ease some of the misery, which it did to get me to the Sunday delivery of my hopeful product of homeopathy.

Since then, I had my first dose, two chewable tiny tablets, sooner than later I could feel the idea starting like Benadry does, a drying pulled together feeling, but no pulling energy away feeling, it was all the good with none of the bad. Not all the good, just what, it seemed to take the baddest of my symptoms and reduce it.

I could breathe better and I couldn’t feel that my sinuses were locking down at all.

That is the kicker, everything about me is clog it up, and now lets have massive itchy eyes and nose and a big allergy attack to make it over the top.

I’m over reactive. So this is going to take time to get it better or the best. I will need this product forever maybe, maybe I’ll have to take some Sudafed eventually on occassion, but right now if I feel like I could take it, do something else, and find that thinking about it again, I don’t need Sudafed.

I have had terrible nights, I seem to be allergic to just anything in my room, no matter how clean or dirty or messy, or hypo allergenic everything is, I get really messed up at night. So this Homeopathic remedy I can take three time a day, 6 or 7 am, then early afternoon, then right at bedtime. 6-8 hours between each. I start each morning now feeling a bit cloggy and maybe sneezing here and there, then I feel better.

Enter: Migraine! or … If allergies are not as bad of course I have to look out for Migraines to mess up my day/night. So far this week its one thing or another co-morbid-ing me to uselessness. Migraine/guts, guts, Air Quality, Mold Spores …. my worst nightmare if it rains until it keeps raining and raining then I feel better. But little storms make me feel.

Sunday I had 2 doses and guts. Monday I had 3 doses and a Migraine and guts. Tuesday I had 3 doses and an acute allergy attack in the mid-morning so itchy my sinuses started feeling in lockdown mode and my eyes felt like they were blowing up into 10 foot balloons.

It wasn’t even 10am yet. I had to get to ooooh no 2pm. I took a hot shower, let that water beat on my face a lot. I watched time crawl to 12, thinking I could take some then, then realized, no but easily waited until 2pm. 🙂 I got through it.

So this morning I started out and was sneezing a couple times, right nostril messed up since I got up, left clear as anything can be lately.

I’m realizing I’m extremely sensitive to my cats when I am very reactive to other allergies, so right now I am an idiot, I have rubbed my eyes when I know, know, know it’s wrong and never do that, don’t ever!

My cat. Snickerdoodle. Not the best cute picture, but it’s recent, he’s usually looking quite, “love me now!”

I had just been doing stuff at my desk and felt itchy already, rubbed my eyes, then, there’s my cat looking so cute and soft and ohhhhh. I put my face right up to him and golly I just made myself worse. Then rub my eyes again, what am I doing!!!!!!

But old days, last week and before, I would take a Benadryl, drug myself, when I felt so reactive as that.

I’m trying to better things so at least all this is maybe helping my body to learn not to blow me to smithereens all the time eventually. I can get through these stupid things easier now, it’s just a few days in so far and is so much better actually.

Benadryl and Sudafed alone each or together, made me feel so not me. Made me not want to do almost anything. Made me just want to sit drooling practically, even if that’s not what I was doing, I was inside.

I hate that I stop taking junk and start taking other junk more … and this time it was allergy over reaction time I have had such a horrible Spring, a had truly bad anaphylactic symptoms in May, My neck on the right side was swollen a bit then it was moving and filling up all they way to the middle and that was a few days of activeness when I was afraid I’d have to call someone to help, but it ended up not getting worst symptoms and abated but the swelling took over 2 weeks to become minimal and finally resolved.

I’ve been through so much of this junk to get me to say I’d go get allergy shots (which I never have wanted to do) so this is trial 1: Homeopathic Allergy tablets. Is it affordable? Is it worth it? If one side of problems is helped, then affordable is yes, and worth it is a resounding yes.

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