My main pc, built Dec 2019, is Win 11 Eligible. I had to find the Intel security PTT stuff in BIOS in order to achieve that status.

Main PC – Built Dec-2019 (18 mo. old, not 2 years.)

Another computer in our home that I built is also eligible after jumping through some hoops. Both have 8th generation processors.

My 2-in-1

Anything else is older, like my little laptop. I got it July 2016. It’s the best little laptop I’ve ever had for the most part. Yes, it’s a 2-in-1, Acer SwitchAlpha12 i5-6200u processor.

I don’t do anything on it but basics (browsing, writing, photo editing, etc. Media consumption) and very casual games.

Not eligible because of the processor. Sigh. I’ll be doing the Beta Channel with Windows Insider on my Acer SwitchAlpha12 … will be trying to make a good run of it when it’s available (Monday? June 28-ish?)

Other PC’s maybe Mint

Even older devices exist on Windows 10 here. They are further out from the hard cutoff of processors. I haven’t PC Health app checked them. I will eventually.

One device we have is an ALL-IN-ONE HP from an originally Win 7 era, 3-touchpoints. Ouch, not great for Win 10. I am going to set that up somewhere with Linux.

I am toying with the idea of putting Linux Mint on more than that PC. I don’t want to have to on my sweet Acer SwitchAlpha12, but once I work with it being on that All-In-One, I may change my tune (I’ve had it on another old laptop before, but don’t have it running on anything right now.)

I used to dual-boot with Fedora in the old days. FWIW

I really liked it best when I could turn on my PC and boot into Windows normally.

Or with PC off, plug in an external harddrive and boot from that easily instead.

So one thing is I do like being able to remote connect to my big PC inside my own house sometimes, so …

No I don’t want other software for that.

I do like portable Linux things if, you can set-it-up well (not a LIVE version, an installed version.)

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