I started taking Astaxanthin (12mg) gel cap on June19. I’m actually past the 2 weeks now, but the absolutely noticeable changes were on day 13, my skin on my face was looking better.

So scared I was about going shopping. Not Covid, no nothing like that, it was about how I was going to feel. I used to be able to go shopping, it was exausting, but recovery was OK. Then it started to be worse, not sure when but for quite awhile, I really dreaded the shopping day, it was painful and miserable, misery that I just can’t write about.

So we went to Costco. When done, I took off my shoes and … didn’t notice anything other than needing to get something to drink and sit down a bit, but ….we ended up going out to a local Mexican restaurant that evening. I felt fine.

WOW! Energy staying inside. I think the fact of the matter is my energy was low, leaking, if I was able to get more energy it didn’t work very well because everything was just bad, and messed up even worse. Having energy to burn only caused more pain and misery.

So this past week, overall I feel like I have a lot more control over my energy feeling, it’s an amazing change. To feel more like I used to. This allows me to get more things done. I have more painting to do, garden to tend, more garden space to open up and plant, it’s getting insane how much I can do. 🙂 Not that this is fixed. I have to keep taking the Astaxanthin and eat better more than not, take Iodine, use Magnesium spray and soaks. I’ve been using the Allergy homeopathy this last month too, marked improvement. I still sneeze and need lots of tissues. I still get headaches. But it’s all improving.

Drink, drink, drink. I get so sick of water. I definitely don’t drink too much. It just can be difficult to want to drink more.

So Astaxanthin is probably helping me. I am encouraged.

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