Everything comes down to eating well enough to feel well. To be so happy with how you feel, eating not being a problem, feeling fine afterwards, and having energy to use.

It’s a game that I will never win, but ish-ness is the only way I can play that game and get near as I can to winning.

Peppers, any peppers, sweet, chili etc. and Potatoes … no I can’t. I love them, but just can’t.

Tomato … probably shouldn’t but when it comes down to it which one of these things I’ve written about so far is the easiest to allow a tiny bit of, but not more (instead of less) ever.

  • Potato and Tomato have existed for me in cooking and me loving them for all my life, having to back off of them the last few years.
    • I love Potatoes, and if I have any I keep going day after day, chips, mashed, baked and so on. I can’t just have one meal a month like that.
    • Tomatoes, everything has tomato in it. All recipes unless you delve deeply into AIP cooking.
      • Some chicken recipes are without tomato. Many with.
      • Beef. It’s tomato heaven. I have learned to cook savory and avoid tomato, but it’s not easy, no crowd pleaser.
      • I do not think it’s good to eat so much tomato either. Tomato Soup for lunch, beef any dish for dinner, tomato, tomato, tomato! Next day more tomato! And so on.
      • Mexican, Italian, …chili and tomato, tomato and tomato. I love this variety of food. Chili’s and Sweet Peppers seem to react in me, tomato I am not sure. I think it is something to be wary of, but I need to keep some tomato in my repertoire.
  • Avoiding most carbs is the worst though. Carbs are the best. Bread, rolls, cookies, cake, muffins, crusts, pastry is my favorite part of cooking.

Not one school of diet suits my household. Me in particular, I find it hard to cook for everyone unless is a great AIP recipe. Every so often that can be done.

Particular is the protein/carb heavy idea in meals around my house.

Vegetables are fewer and changing that has never ever been a strong suit of me or anyone else.

Cruciferous vegetables are pretty horrible to me. Hello bitter to death things.

All in all Paleo ideas with Keto ideas and AIP ideas most days is how I’m trying to look at what to cook. Holidays coming up make that oh so much harder.

I have to say that carb heavy for 2 days end of November, and a few more than that in December, I will have to make peace with, just try all the more harder on the other days to Paleo-ish-Keteo-ish-AIP-ish.

I want good clean energy from food. It really is wrong to feel ugh after eating, isn’t it?

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