My laptop might get fixed

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I hope my laptop can get fixed. It’s more than a laptop to me, it’s the most versatile piece of technology that I’ve ever had. I love it.

Between 4k and 1080p is a nice feature. Remove-able keyboard. Kickstand on actual monitor back. A really good kickstand.

Liquid Cooling

No fans, just browsing, watching, playing a game (nothing too taxing) it never kicks up that engine revving up to take-off airplane sound. It doesn’t get more than warm. It’s lovely, lovely, lovely. No fan sounds at all. That is big for an easily over-sense-whelmed person.

UbreakItWeFixIt people can get the parts needed in early May, so that’s that. The wait.

It is worth it because I can’t get anything that could replace it.

In 2016 it was $699.

What can you get for $699 now in 2022? Nothing with a removable keyboard.

I am convince that is the main feature I like the most. It’s not a keyboard that is much of anything, it works, it has back lighting, and a mouse track area and it just works and doesn’t fall apart and has held up amazingly.

Microsoft Surface devices are the closest things to this, but price is so high for those, and they are not right for me anyhow since other features are not good.

Liquid Cooling and 12.0″, FHD+ (2160 x 1440), IPS — these two are very important to me.

The only difference I could go with is a Oled, that would be nice … though not coming in anything I can get.

Removable chicklet keyboard, not something I want to not have. I hate those hinges and banged up way they just are awful.

Windows on a tablet, 12″ — tight package of it just works with no cracks because it’s a great tablet with a keyboard that magnetically attaches to the bottom. Hurray, it’s the best design for me.

It’s the processor that is keeping me down.

  • Intel Core i5-6200U
  • Intel HD Graphics 520

It’s ok for browsing, working on websites, playing Bejeweled 3, but I have to play games with my graphics drivers to use the high settings in Bejeweled 3. It works great once I get the old 2015 driver installed, and then the most recent intel driver on top of that. It can be a pain, obviously.

Having a newer i5 would be nice, but oh well.

Having my laptop back to good screen touchscreen will be A-OK fine.

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