Buds Live Just Hurt

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I tried using my Buds Live in 2020 when I got them. I have let them sit most of the time since then.

Lately I tried again. They feel fine, and do, for a bit. Listening to music I can’t get 2 songs in before something starts to feel oh so not right.

Samsung Buds Live

Samsung gives regular small wing tips with the Buds Live and a larger version you can swap with.

I can use either tips, or no tips, same thing.

Bottom line, my ears are just too small for these, I have trouble with some other wired earbuds. Level U from Samsung was OK but they don’t make them anymore. Samsung’s wired usb-c buds you can get if you ask for them, and are OK, but not great.

My favorite were these so nice sounding and not painful at all. I mean they still are.

That’s something I have two pairs of. One still unused, and will keep them that way until ….

My pair that I can use needs a usb-c adapter for my phone to use. I can use them with one of my Sansa players or my tablet natively.

It’s the wires though, make it hard to use sometimes.

I guess I’m out of luck with making neat products work for me.

Hopefully my daughter can use the Buds Live.

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