I’ve had more migraines now. This week I had one all day on Wednesday, not really bad, manageable.

The next day, Friday, it was so bad by before dinnertime I had to beg off from finishing what I started and hide in my office with my head down on the desk.

This was a switcher migraine. It took hours to fully switch, fooking misery to the upteenth counting.

Saturday morning I did some things, and it got worse then better by evening, but who is kidding who? I knew not to expect nothing.

Sunday morning, I awoke with the worst symptoms, light sensitivity that never ended all day. I ended up taking two showers just to get away from it all. It help, some, at the time, but not for long. Obviously, I took 2 showers.

I tried to sleep, it was too bright in the room, so I put my arm over my eyes. (Something I have long done at night because of horrid little lights everywhere from this and that that I try so hard to get my hubby to not use, but to no avail.)

I had music on my little Sansa Speaker system by my bedside. That helps me to get to sleep. This was The Cure – Faith album. By the time All Cats Are Grey was on I was still conscious, but the song got me really sad. My dear Grey  cat, who I called Bubba, but was officially named Blueberry Bear, and who I also called Blue, Bluebear, etc. died on June 9th. He was 13 1/2+ My entire self aches for him to return. So this migraine was really sappy by this point, and I fell asleep and awoke with no music playing.

I felt some better, but was still in miserable pain.

I had taken a shower first, then tried to sleep.  I was then awake for a bit and ended up just getting in the shower again. It was a long day of … pain. Eventually the pain moved back, meaning I didn’t have the front quadrant of the left in full pain, a line of smooth wonderfulness appeared. I felt like doing things at this point, even though my head felt so poisonously sick on the side.

I played EDF a bit, but couldn’t take it anymore. Decided to go to bed, looked at my Plex, it was offline. What? Well, having this long migraine, lets see, I was using my computer that has Plex Server, and it was fine. I don’t know what went on all day, but at that point at night it was a matter of going down and turning that computer on, it was off because  a cat walked over the power button (yes, that happens too much.)

So turned it on an left the room, shut the door, others said within minutes, do you smell smoke? Damn it!

Something went wrong in my computer setup. It wasn’t on fire, but stinky plastic electric smell permeates my office and I have that horrible job of finding out how much of what is fried. My lovely 5+ year old computer, built in January 2013.

I had a terrible night watching the one movie I had synced to my tablet weeks ago, and music later.  I was in enough pain to be really worried about how I’d be in the morning. So waking up it was yup. It hurts. Ugh I’m really light sensitive still.

I’ve just been here looking at twitter on my laptop, and then writing this, on my second cup of coffee and wow, oh wow! My pain is receded!

All this time I’ve also been taking Turmeric Ginger supplements. Not as much as three a day most of the time, but one or two if not three this whole time.

I know I need to approach this migraine stuff as mineral … salt does help. I need to force a salt loading full session for getting rid of anything plaguing me, and I do need to get some iodine in the house. I grew up with it, so many uses. As it is, my skin is getting nicer with the Turmeric, I think. I had scratches and other things that come from Summer, cats, mosquitos, etc.

Everything is resolving all the sudden. Clearing up. Nice. Salt, Turmeric, Ginger …whatever, as long as I have improvement in how I feel and feel about myself therefore… 🙂

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