Day 2

On Day 2 I did one capsule of unrefined sea salt, and water, then another capsule after time … waited for the breakfast my daughter was making, and had my first Iodine with that capsule.

5 drops (2%) 12.5 mg

I also

Did I notice anything? … negligible … generally itchy, is that new or more or what? I felt like … taking a bath. Oh yeah. See long ago, a couple of years ago, I religiously had epsom salt baths. I mean often, they felt so good in my garden tub, helped with migraine coping and stress washed away. Then for a year and a half I didn’t do any baths, only showers … and here come the deeper Migraines, the allergies even worse, the blues getting bluer with everything that went wrong, tingly toes started too, and then that deep depression …

At the end of July 2018 I decided to stop taking Advil and Sudafed, get rid of that from my body and figure out how to deal with the actual allergies, clogging up and migraines and aches and pains for real. That was tough. I found Salt Loading because of that. I know about Salt. I love sea salt. I fell into a horrible pit of just taking stuff from the cabinet instead of doing something about my whole self. I was weak to affect change. I couldn’t cope. I had to get to a NO MORE mentality, which I did, finally.

Today (Day 3) I am going to do a salt load in the morning and have 5 drops of iodine with my lunch.

I’ll do this for a total of 5 days (Day 6 will be last, as I didn’t do Iodine until Day 2) then some time, a couple of days, off, then try again, upping the drops.

Anecdotally, I had amazing recovery from depression on Day 1 with just the salt, it was remarkable. I know I have so much more to Detox, so I have to find my dose to get to with Iodine, and get through this crappy time. I am excited [something I surely wasn’t just a few days ago (that depression was a deep pit of nothingness)] about what can happen: I might actually feel better, have some energy, not be so tired and miserable with allergies and migraines and achy muscles, tingly toes … oh the joy of the future!

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