Post 3 Self Detox

Yesterday I had the beginning of a new migraine. I thought about things, worked up my courage, and tried the 1/4 tsp. sea salt on my tongue chased with a lot of water method (not bad, not something I’d want to do every day though)… afterward I was very distracted since I stepped on a sliver of glass (not a good story, broke a mirror last week, and it was obviously a left over fragment we missed) and had to extract that, time, how much time … well, my headache pain vanished. No drinking or eating would normally do that.

Talking to my daughter she does use the green gatorade when she has a migraine and says it helps. (She has massive migraines like I did when I was younger.)

We long ago abandoned Table Salt. I have had a very iffy relationship with supplemental vitamins etc. so it comes down to now, I miss having iodine around. It’s so handy, I grew up with it for cuts and more. It’s useful to purify water, and we need it inside as well, and if food doesn’t deliver enough, well then … it’s a part of the missing pieces in my life.


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