Day 3

Salt Capsules (2) and water. 40 min. later took another round … and immediately felt like going … so did, and decided to take a soak in my garden tub right after. That Detox bath made me feel nicer.

So then I had Rice Chex for breakfast and sipped my 8 ounces of water with 5 Drops 2% in between bites.

Water and also milk to drink the rest of the day and the one effect all of this has had on me I haven’t mentioned, I feel hummy, have since Day 1. I feel “good” under the mild achy head and lack of energy that I have, with power in my core feeling but lackadaisical I would rather not extend myself, I feel relaxed and tired and still can go all day long with whatever energy I need to expend. I will say this is decidedly different from the last months of miserable existence all day and couldn’t wait to go to bed, but hoped I could sleep well, and trying so hard to stay up but going to bed by 8:30pm most of the time, waking up by 5 a.m. actually wishing to get up an hour later, but digressing here, it’s just a bit better … so there will be tougher symptoms to get through down the road, and alleviating the little symptoms I have now … hurray.

At any rate the dose of Iodine isn’t too much, for goodness sake it’s really low anyhow. I’m just starting there to get it working in me as I go along … and up it after a week, pulsing, by-the-way.

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