Update on Detox

Today is day 15 … or 17 or … it doesn’t matter really. I’m about to go to 10 Drops of Iodine today. I’ve been slowly going up a drop every couple of days.

I’m taking at least one capsule of unrefined sea salt and a bottle of water when I first get up every day now.

Some days I can just tell I need to do a big Salt Loading, migraine, or other symptoms. Anyhow, I think I’ll do that today. I’m up really early, so not doing that until there some light outside.

Sleeping has been fitful. I don’t sleep all night, and sometimes I’m getting that too awake feeling way too early, like today, I was awake after three hours, then 1, then sporadically more often until 3:20am when there was no way I was going back to sleep.

So anyhow, I feel better, feel worse. It’s progress. The toughest part is getting closer, getting to know the point I need to be with Iodine, and keeping it up.

I have changed. I actually WANT breakfast every day now. That’s entirely novel to me. I like taking my salt and water first thing, it’s so different from my usual Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee … so now I do have coffee, but no more than three a day and usually only 1, or 1 and a 1/2, mugs. Eggs or Rice Cereal for breakfast, a day like today I’ll have breakfast and second breakfast. 🙂

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