Day 4

Yesterday was Day 4. I had two cycles of Salt Loading in the morning, plus a mild migraine I woke up with.

I didn’t need to go after the first or the second, though I could … and then there’s this thing going on that makes me feel awful in the morning after awhile of being up, my neck on the left side of the base of my head … it’s been sore and miserable for days, my muscles were really tight that week of depression and this has been hanging on ever since.

The day before (Day 3) I had an Epsom Salt Bath, and that made the neck thing so much better.

So this Day 4, my Migraine was on that side and my problem was even worse, so I went to the bathroom and then into the bath I went to soak this all away. My guts started gurgling a lot after a bit and that continued all day, but it was all gaseous for the most part.

So the Salt Loading did help my Migraine status. And so now forward I’m taking a Salt Loading when I have a migraine, or when symptoms of detox from Iodine get worse, I’ll keep using salt on food and maybe take a capsule or two with vitamins, not sure.

I have always had a sensitivity to heat and the clammy summers in the South are no friend of mine. Everyone knows that heat + humidity can sap most people eventually. I’m the first one to go, always was.

So minerals and me … maybe that’s the key to surviving better in that humidity. I mean, I need to get more of it. Whatever, I am a Sea Salt fan, I love it, don’t crave it. Just love it.

I don’t want to take extra for events, I want to naturally have what I need in me to not swelter immediately. I have had such time, attribution for one event was that I had a hat on. I felt great and my husband was complaining and miserable all that day. At that event I was normal, really weird. Another event, previous year, I was so overcome I felt I was going to cease existing, my husband was fine. So I wore that hat next time.

Other factors were obviously at play.

So on Day 4 I had Iodine in milk with my breakfast. 5 drops of 2% Lugol’s.

I’m upping it on Day 5, I need to see what it does and so I’ll got a drop more every few days to 10 drops and see what happens.

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