Christmas delivery 1 didn’t happen

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Out for delivery, wrapping paper and a Prime try before you buy thing for my daughter. 2 more deliveries, 1 more, you are next! Great.

On the road right behind us, on the map, they moved up and down it like they were lost the whole time, then vanished off the map.

On our street at the top there was a cop car, lights all lit up, so guess the delivery guy couldn’t get through, was scared to try, or something.

All we could see … Dec. 3, 2023

I have no idea what it going on up there. At this late hour 11:54pm, they are still up there.

Our street is a dead-end, only one way in.

So my 1st packages, are back to the start, tomorrow gives me little hope.

I have most of my packages coming this next weekend. I hope this goes smoother than the start has.

Amazon deliveries have gotten bad this year, just saying.

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  1. Maisy Avatar

    What happened is two or three houses up, there was a domestic dispute, cops arrived, three discharged their weapons, someone might have gotten hurt, sent to hospital … they stayed there interviewing anyone nearby, investigating, hours and hours and hours and hours, in our tiny generally quiet subdivision.

  2. Maisy Avatar

    I finally got my wrapping paper this afternoon. The Slippers though, still languishing at the carrier facility with no scans since last evening at 10:06pm

  3. Maisy Avatar

    Something happened with the try before you buy order. It hasn’t shown up and not scanned at all today, now saying it won’t come today after all, and if don’t have it by the 6th then come back for a refund. Ha ha ha.

    I cancelled the order.

    Can’t get it again, $10 more now, which is way too much money.

  4. Maisy Avatar

    I found another similar variety for way less just now, so hope it’ll work out.

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