Years of being a human, one predisposed to aches, headaches and migraines, if I said I haven’t taken any Advil or any other pain medication since Monday, July  30, 2018 some might think I haven’t had any need of it.

Which is not the case.

I made an informed decision on Sunday, July 29, 2018 that going forward I wouldn’t take habitual meds for pain.

I always have been very sensitive to so many things. I have some problems due to foods ingested longterm, no doubt. I have several times in my lifetime stopped eating any Potatoes and for months and months like that certain types of issues would fade.

Of late everything is compiling. If I don’t change something, it’ll put me down for the count (just feels like it, you know how that goes.)

So as it goes, I’m not going to take ANY pain meds for the next few months, unless I have every freaking need to for some not current thing.

I have self treated migraines since I was 16. I didn’t know they were migraines until my early 20’s. Professionals haven’t a clue how to handle pain or migraines or allergies combined in a person like me. I used to try. I stopped after so many non-caring or caring individuals prescribed this or that to me (never a migraine preventative or rescue ever) and failed me for the most part.

Then for me to use the one thing that helped my female monthly troubles, Ibuprofen, as a tool against pain, any pain, I have to attribute that to a caring professional that prescribed it for my horrible two or three first days of absolutely worse than anything you can imagine female monthly woes.

Unfortunately at that time it was Motrin Prescription only, so I didn’t always have that in my stash as the years went on, but once it went otc, it was in my stash as Motrin, then Advil.

That type of medicine is not what I really want to take. My pain and Tylenol, they coexist. Yes, Tylenol laughs cruelly at my pain, and that is worse than ‘kind of working.’

Frequent taking of Advil because I’m too tired to go to sleep, achy.

Frequent taking of Advil because I have a migraine, must attack it ASAP. Didn’t do anything, how many hours ago was that … ah, ok I’ll take more … and then more … and then … more …. it has to stop!

Wake up in the morning sometimes with night achyness. Like I’m reversed. Advil, of course.

Well, lets just say I was taking Advil weekly most days off and on, more sometimes, less sometimes, but always open to my friend in the cabinet.

It’s been a tough week. I’m trying hard, my will to get through this is strong. But my current state is Migraine since awaking this morning. Usually I’d sit here at my desk miserable, waiting for the Advil to kick in and lessen my symptoms … but who’s kidding who here? The Advil wouldn’t be helping me so much. I have to let the thing run it’s course. Why is it the pain and light sensitivity are here at the same time, but then one or the other vanishes. Advil doesn’t help. Why did I insist it did?

Music has helped me through pain more than ANYTHING else. As that goes, I’m having  a problem with music, it’s plain f—- annoying to me right now. I wish it was Winter, cold outside, it would be so blissful to walk around the yard … so, visualizing that, for the moment, does give me some relief.

This is my first Migraine since stopping Advil. I’m wondering how long this will last. Habits from the past … migraines would last for days … three days.  Wholly I can’t go through that … um… Advil may have altered how it works in me, migraines, that is. It’s going to be worse or better in the coming days, I just have to suffer and figure out what to do.

Since Thursday, August 2, 2018 I’ve been taking a Tumeric supplement. I’ll try and report how that is week to week. I want to try some other things as well. The Tumeric idea is for my general well being feeling, joints and such.

I’m not asking anyone for help. I’m hoeing this row alone. Thank you for not suggesting anything but herbal from now on.

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