Firelight & Candles

Candle light is so refreshing, particularly in these days of modern electricity!

It’s a dull day here, where we live, and it’s not raining, the wind isn’t blowing very much. It’s about 73 degrees F., but still, it’s dull and lifeless. A day like this the fireplace would be nice to use. Oh, we don’t need the fireplace to be in service … it’s not cool enough outside! But the light would be so incredible!

One of these days I’d like to get a setup to use candles inside the fireplace. Spring and Summer and Early Autumn could then benefit from the warm, cheery light. I have two pillar candles on the mantle, and they help, but oh the kitchen is gray. I’d love a fireplace in the kitchen!

Yes, an old fashion kitchen, cooking with fire. Simplicity.

So, you thought a microwave was simplicity? Far from it. We got rid of ours some time ago.

We don’t even have a gas stove though. In the modern country we don’t have gas (in subdivisions). I love cooking on gas flame, it’s what a good cook prefers, and it’s what I prefer too. So, when we get a large property with a house already built, or if we build our own, it’ll have a fireplace in the kitchen — with a keeping room along side of it, and a gas stove & ovens, of course.

The Unveiling of Who I Am: a little bit, at least

As you readers may have noticed, this blog is not totally anonymous any longer. Today I added my first name to the posts. So it’s officially a “semi-anonymous” blog now. Maybe I’m known just by that, maybe not. If you know me by my first name, you may have already known me just by what I was writing “anonymously”. But then again, some humans are not such smart whips … 😉

Why did I decide to unveil part of my identity? Why not. That’s my answer. I’m all over the internet with various Identities, sometimes my real name, sometimes a screen name … and what’s there to hide? There are reasons to hide one’s real identity, and that’s up to each person to decide.

I don’t mind y’all knowing my first name, for now, since I’m writing about my life, and the things I see, hear, experience in my life whether externally or inside my head.

Someone may have wondered, when reading, what my motivation is in writing this blog. I seek to glorify God in everything, and this blog shares my thoughts as I live for Him. And therefore, something good can happen, whether it’s to me, or to a reader. I don’t usually come up with a Title for a blog post first. That usually comes after I’ve written something. I don’t usually sit down to write something with a true purpose in mind. It comes to me as my fingers hit the keys on my laptop. This is how I am. My mind jumps here and there and everywhere at once most of the time. I come up with interesting theories or stories, or odd-ly strange–yet true observances of things around me. It comes through in this blog to a degree, but not as heavily as it does in my head or in my home for my husband and children to hear. (My husband probably would prefer to swap privelages, with the blog getting all the weirdness and he getting the more normal stuff!)

One movie that really moves me is THE MATRIX. It has such deep truth. We live in a Matrix, all of us. Do you want to take the blue pill? or the red pill? I’ve taken the right one. The one where I can’t go back. And I see more of the Matrix every day. Watershed experiences. Wow. It’s really neat to see The Matrix, over and over, the movie, that is, and understand the whole thing even deeper. Life is really neat. God created us and this life we live, and He gives us the power to see the Matrix we live in, and to break free of it. Ah, His plan is wonderful, even with the horrid things going on “out there”. You see, the story of “The Matrix” has hope. So do we. Postmillennialism is an eschatology of hope. And I believe this eschatology is the truth. So, The Matrix is really a Reformed Postmillennial movie. That’s my take on it. Read Bahnsen, Rushdoony, Kik, Gentry, DeMar. Then watch The Matrix. I’m assuming here that you already read the Bible. Read it with open eyes and open heart. Ask God to show you His truth. Matthew Chapter 24. It’s the past. The future is glorious.

(see, I had no idea past sentence number one what I was going to type. How’d I get to The Matrix and Matthew 24? That’s how minds can work!)

Flies, Strider, & Bleu

Flies. Summer. Ugh.

Why is it that flies WANT to come inside houses? They are only around outside when it’s warm … no flies around in the Winter. So, in the Summer, when the house is COLD from the Air Conditioner, why do they come inside? Just to be pests. Sit on the ceiling, sit on the ceiling fan. Sit on the curtains. Buzz at the window, trying to escape to the outdoors, only to NOT go out when you open the door for them. They go deeper inside the house at that point, or to the corner of the wall away from the door opening, or some such thing.

Enter Strider. My most favorite kitty. Strider and his sister, Dixie Blossom, were adopted from a shelter the end of December 2001 (they were part of a cat colony, captured as young kittens in June 2001). They are both beautiful, similarly marked though very different from each other. They are charcoal gray with silver markings, tiger-ish, but not tabby markings. Strider has more straight lines of silver. Dixie Blossom has more swirls of silver. She is also darker looking overall, with decidedly tabby markings on her chest, in silver.

Strider is lighter charcoal overall in appearance, but his ears … silver … beautiful silver ears. His eyes are haunting, frightening to look at actually. Unless you love cats. And know that cats love you.

Strider is a name from Lord of the Rings trilogy. Aragorn’s nickname as a Ranger.

What does Strider the cat do? How does he have anything to do with the flies? Ah, he catches them and eats them.

Hurray for Strider!

We are so happy to have this brother and sister duo. I am so glad for them, and feel very fortunate to have them in our household. Why did they grow from kitten-hood to nearly adult-cat-hood without any prospective owners? I don’t know. They are lovely pets.

And Strider has replaced Bleu. Bleu ran away a few years ago, an old cat, he was my baby. He was 11 and the door was left open down in the basement, by accident. Never saw him again. Strider is my buddy. He is such a lover. He has healed that loss for me.

And he eats flies.

What more can one ask for?!!!

Hummingbirds, not much rain, Hummingbirds

The rain that comes is not enough. Tree leaves are turning brown, or way-too-early-for-Autumn yellow or red, etc.

We’ve been in drought mode for the past 5+ years, things seemed better the first part of this year, but that’s not the case this Summer. Storms pop up and drop nothing on us. Frustration to hear the thunder, see the dark clouds, feel their heaviness, see lighthing jolt across the sky — cloud to cloud — or earth to sky — and no rain comes. Nothing, but the heat and humidity, and crackling grass at ones feet. I like the weeds in the yard. THEY stay soft. THEY are taking over bit by bit, inch by inch, and this year, probably square foot by square foot.

Those weeds have other nice habits too. In the Spring, at different times, they bloom under your feet. Bright yellow, white, red, whatever. Lovely. Low growth plants for walking areas are nice. I’ve wanted to install some in our yard. Like Thyme, the kind that can be walked on and survived, and produce heady wonderful aromas. But money is tight. Nature taking over is free.

I don’t like the weeds that send up big tall seed stalks. They get bad when my dear husband hasn’t mowed. In spite of the lack of rain, these things grow, grow, grow. The grass gets the crackly brown-ness.

It’s August, and with this heat, the Hummingbirds like the feeders even more than usual. This year we are seeing them in higher numbers. Maybe it’s the lack of rain, flowers are less where they can get natural nectar. And so they are glad for my 4 feeders I have (as are the wasps and bees, of course!) out for them. Yesterday, we had 7 Red-throated Hummingbirds flitting all over the front porch area, WOW! It was massively beautiful. 7 at the same time is quite noisy and active, and is the top number at one time for us ever.

Maybe others have experienced more at one time. That’s fine. Our area isn’t exactly known for heavy Hummer activity, so this was a blessing for us.

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Christian Liberty

Well, drinking alcohol* is a matter of Christian Liberty. My last post talked about drinking a Hot Toddy. I said I might have one that evening. Did I though? No. It sounded good, but I didn’t need one. I decided not to have one. Which is my perogative. It would have been fine if I’d made and drank one, too.

Moderation is the formula, and self-control is the key!

Disagree? Study the Bible.
*alchohol is the spelling many use in searchng

Bored — but I have a topic afterall!

I’m bored tonight.

Figures. The children were hyper at bedtime. Guess it wore me out. Yes, tired, but my mind is awake. My mind is awake, but not totally alert. It’s not about to let me sleep, and not about to let me think deeply. Yuck. This is the time for a Hot Toddy.

Whoops, there goes a topic!

Drink, alchohol*? Why, yes. Titus 2 says that older women should be given to little wine. That means some times it’s alright to drink. Not getting drunk is the key. Drinking in moderation is Biblical for true followers of Christ. Even for Elders and Deacons.

So, a Hot Toddy, that sounds really good now!


Teaching the Trivium

The Trivium.

That’s what we’ve intended to teach our children, just didn’t have a name for it. I’ve always ignored references to “The Well Trained Mind”. The little I heard, I didn’t like it. It seemed to me those who followed it were instilling formal schooling in very young children. Not what we believed in. So then hearing others talk about “Classical Homeschooling”, I learned that was the same thing.

So finally I payed attention when one of the email groups I’m in started another round of talking about “Teaching the Trivium”. I didn’t actually pay attention the first few days, but then backtracked when I saw a reference to it that didn’t make me shudder. I went to Trivium Pursuit and was delighted with what I saw there. Wow! “This is what we are doing”, I thought to myself.

My husband called them to order the book (Teaching The Trivium) and a couple of other little books, and it arrived on Saturday. So I’ve been reading and enjoying it tremendously. I was talking to an out of state friend over the phone yesterday, and she and her husband have children the same ages, and are looking at educating their children the same as we are. They had looked at Classical training and said “No” to it. I hope they’ll look at Trivium Pursuits information. It’s Biblical Classical Training. It’s really, really, really interesting and the approach that’s right.

Look for the document to download “Ten things to do with your children 10 and under”. It’s in the book, and nice to have the option to look at it ahead of time. And to have it on the computer.

Training our children to read, using phonics, and to love to learn, and to be self-learners … these have ALWAYS been our first goals in educating them. We talked about it before we were married. We had to wait a while before we had our first child, so we are finally getting to the place where our dear eldest will be reading by himself very well within the year. We are ready to begin a bit more intensive “knowledge” training. No teaching, just training, how-to, watch this son, memorize this, recite this, copy this. That’s not hard. Training our children is not that hard. Of course, we must love them dearly, and want to give them the edge they need to learn for a life time, a life time of service to our Dear Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

My husband and I are looking forward to all that WE are going to be learning in the next 20 or more years, with our children learning all around us.

Upgrade in progress

Remember that upgrade I talked about here?

It’s in progress. Really. What am I talking about? Ah, it’s a woman thing. Some women today need extra progesterone. Yes. It’s fine to talk about. Natural progesterone cream is available in the United States without a prescription. Dr’s poo-poo it here. Well, what else is new?

Many doctors do just that, offer drugs for symptoms, not something that will HELP someone. I’ve struggled with migraines and PMS symptoms for years. Are these things real? Yes. What could help someone like this? Progesterone? I’d have laughed at that in the past. But no longer. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been using some. I’m calmer, like right now, even though I have a screaming, rebellious 22 month old right next to me. A month ago –pre-progesterone era– I’d have been furious by now.

I have so much to say, but won’t. The big thing about this is many women struggle in their adult years, needlessly. They struggle with health issues, infertility issues, quick anger, sluggishness … just to name a few things. Women are called lazy and/or sinful because of these things, by Christians.

I got by. I treated my symptoms as well as I could with over-the-counter meds. But I realized finally that here in my mid-30’s things were getting way worse than I’d ever experienced. Imitrex, Prozac, just two things any doctor would GLADLY throw my way. I’ve never asked for these, and never will.

What does natural progesterone do? It creates a balance in your body if it’s out of balance. If your body is hormonally running smooth, it feels quite different. I know the difference now. It’ll take awhile to attain a stable balance … but so far, it’s like night and day, the difference. As my husband put it the other day “I can see that we are becoming a kinder, gentler family!”

Wow. Yes, just one woman changing, changes the whole family. Chain reactions are cut off at the core. Mornings aren’t as hard now either. No, I’m STILL not a morning person, but neither am I a Grizzly coming out of Winter Hibernation either anymore.

So, was it sin that made me grouchy in the morning? Sin that made me have a hair-trigger on my anger? Sin that made my body freak out over loud noise?

If so, why is it that natural progesterone cream use has rendered me nice in the morning. What is anger? Very little contact with it. Loud noise? What’s too loud? Three screaming little children? Not anymore.

That’s just the beginning. Migraines aren’t as bad. Energy is somewhat better. Low-Blood sugar tendancies are improving.

God has given us what we need to live. If in these modern times I need extra progesterone, then yes, it’s what I need, and it’s available. I can sit here and desire to be nicer … and want to feel better. I can pray about it daily, often, always.

God will heal me one day, all of us actually, of our afflictions. But in this LIFE, we have things to make us function better … natural progesterone cream for women is one of these things. And it’s not a “drug” it has no bad side-effects. It’s exactly what our bodies make. It’s something good. Mine is called Happy PMS Cream. Funny, but TRUE!

So if any one reading this has any PMS symptoms, find out about using natural progesterone cream. It could change you back into you — Defragging works smoothly now, since I began upgrading.

Who owns the cat?

Well, we have a cat that visits us. He started visiting us in January 2001. He’s a beautiful Brown Tabby.

He showed up at our deck door, and sat there pretty much all of the time, taking some time off, of course, just looking inside. Two weeks LATER I started to feed him.

He’s usually around, but sometimes isn’t, for a few days to a week at a time.

The thing is, lately, the last few months, he’s really grown on me. “Good Visitor Kitty” is his name, but that hasn’t felt right the last month.

Questions about him abound. Does someone else “own” him? If someone else thinks they own him, what’s the deal, letting him roam around free all the time?

Who spends time with him? Me.

Who feeds him? Me.

Where does he sleep? On my front porch, or on the back deck, or under the car on the driveway.

The last several weeks he now wants to come into the house. Who’d blame him, it’s HOT out there! Besides that, he’s happy there. He loves to sit on my lap, or my husbands lap. He purrs alot. He likes to just lay on the floor and watch what is going on too. He doesn’t particularly like the attention of the children.

The dog doesn’t affect this cat at all. He ignores the dog. The dog does nothing to this cat. One of our other cats is very affected by the dog. He chases her. So, our visitor kitty is a cool customer. I like him.

He showed up today late in the afternoon. He wasn’t around this morning. Humph. He has a collar and a rabies tag on this afternoon, and looks cleaner … someone gave him a bath.

But he’s in our house, on my lap, at this very moment, purring and rubbing his head against me.

He’s shown up clean (obviously bathed) before, after an absense of a day or more. But then he stays by us for days on end, and weeks on end … etc

I’d like to know who thinks they own him. Or maybe it’s just another kind soul who wants to clean him up when he’s around. But I want the job. He likes us, we like him. Problem is, he’s an outside cat. But he’s aclimating to being inside more. I really think he’d do fine inside.

We have 5 other cats though. Is he healthy enough to not cause a problem with our normal status pets? Too late, some of them have interacted, sniffing noses and such. Eating and drinking from the same bowls.

So, does having possesion of his affection and time, and giving him food and water denote a kind of ownership? I’d like to think so.

But someone else, totally unknown to me, has collared him, and perhaps taken him to the vet. The tag isn’t from our vet, so calling a strange vet office to ask questions isn’t as easy to me.

I do think it my Christian duty to help animals that are around. We are to take dominion, and that does include cats. Cat’s shouldn’t be roaming about outside. They aren’t natural to this place, the United States. They are wonderful animals, but not to birds, many of which are natural to this area and on the decline. Cats are predators, no question of that.

So, feeding this cat is important, to keep him well fed. But I would prefer to feed this cat inside, and take care of all his needs. And not wonder about where else he spends PART of his time. He spends the majority of it with us. But I’ve not felt the right to “label” him as mine. Or to attach a note to him asking someone to contact us about him.

Well, we’ll just go on like this for now. It’s frustrating. There is a house up the street with lots of cats wandering about, having kittens often … multiplying and multiplying again and again. I’d like to put notes on all THOSE cats too, but they don’t come to our house.

Our responsibilities should not be limited to just ourselves. We should let our neighbors know the truth about things. Not just cats and dogs, either but TRUTH. Okay, so maybe I will attach a note to this cat.