A New Year

A new year has begun. I’m making turkey stock. That’s my big New Year’s Day event. It’s lingering into the day after that too. Making stock right means long simmers, and using good ingredients. Nourishing Traditions has good recipes for whole eating. That’s where the stock recipe I’m using comes from. [Here’s an article online […]


I love December. Such promise and glow abound. Today is the first day of the month. It was cold here in the South. Great way to start the month that Winter begins in. Now, the cold was around freezing and up to the mid 40-s for the high. We were in Michigan the week of […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my fellow American citizens: Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be having the traditional Turkey and the rest that’s been traditional for my side of the family, well, the things I’ve loved to continue, minus the things I haven’t 😉 Stuffing and gravy, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, green been casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls, Cranberry sauce (yes, […]

Leonid Meteor Storm?

Not so nice. It was clear all evening and up to 3am. I checked outside at 4am next, and it was totally overcast. 🙁 Out of nowhere it seemed to come. (Maybe it was on it’s way, I hadn’t been checking the weather radar.) The updated weather forecast was for clear to partly cloudy that […]

Computers: Built one; One missing

Heady feeling, isn’t it, to complete something good! A few months ago we bought a “starter kit” to build our next desktop computer from. We bought our first in the store, then had a friend piece together a better one in Oct. 1998. I got a laptop for me in Dec. 2001 — and that […]

Autumn means trees and birds change …

It’s Autumn. Our Autumn Flame Maple trees are turning orange and losing their leaves. (that’s with the help of the drought this Summer as well, not entirely due to Autumn). And we are anxiously awaiting our bigger October Glory Maple tree in the front yard to begin turning color. It survived the drought just fine. […]

Pooh’s Lullabee

Lullabee, lullabee Honey bees in the tree Rest your wings ’til the morning light Lullabee, lullabee Honey bees in the tree Your honey is safe tonight Just dream to the tune I am singing Time to stop all that buzzing and stinging–ouch Lullabee, lullabee Honey bees in the tree All I want is a smackerel […]