Spring is in full swing. I have Bluebirds in my backyard. They have four new babies, just hatched a few days ago. This is their first clutch of the season. They were fiddling around with their box since February, but held off on finalizing the nest and laying eggs until May. Interesting, since it was […]

Reproducing Trees

I’m growing Maple trees from seed, seed that our October Glory dropped this Spring. Three of them I sprouted myself, and there are four others in various older stages of development that I found around the tree. It’s fun to grow stuff, and particularly something that COULD get really big. It’s really neat, God created […]


We planted some Irises last Spring, and they’ve grown nicely, just never flowered. I’m excited now, finally, one is showing a flower, close to opening! None of the other Irises are even forming one. It’s a beautiful deep iris blue … I’ll try and get a picture of it, when it opens, here.