• Back to AT&T

    I have my new SIM cards to switch everybody to AT&T, and just waiting on my Microsoft Surface Duo 2 to arrive to start swapping SIMS. Hopefully all four phones involved will port from Xfinity Mobile without a hitch. Or a fixable hitch if there is one or two or three or four. We tried […]

  • Package Stress

    Watching my new phone move from place to place is not fun. UPS Detroit to Detroit to Maumee OH this morning. And I’m supposed to get it tomorrow early afternoon. Ordered on Saturday, supposed to be here on Wednesday. Then on Sunday, UPS reported a delay and it’d get here on Thursday. Yesterday they reported […]

  • Camera Phones

    I’m getting a new phone this week, which means I’m giving my old phone to my youngest kid (it has fallen on it’s face twice, scratches … he doesn’t care.) My Samsung Note20 Ultra — I am happily giving up. Its wonderful S-pen I will miss, but the camera I will not. What new device […]

  • My Laptop is getting fixed

    My laptop has been at Ubreakit place for a few weeks. This last week they called to say they got the part, installed it, but it’s has a defect, so they need to get another one. The waiting continues. It’s the screen. Same sort of thing has had with my Samsung S6 Edge + years […]

  • Rose


    Canon EOS 7D 24mm lens

  • A Rose – 1st photo, this is bad.

    My roses were allowed to grow back, this being the first bloom to start opening. I’m struggling with my Stupid Note20U to get photos of things. All the tricks in the world, the thing just won’t keep focus properly. I haven’t had any roses to photograph much with this phone camera. I overwhelmingly took photos […]

  • Roses opening sooner than later

    Roses opening sooner than later

    I’ll be pruning unwanted stuff away soon, and the point here is I don’t even know what’s going on with them. I ripped them out because we had Green Lynx Spider all over them in 2017 and nothing was too good since then, not sure of all the rose idiocy problems or which ones, I’m […]

  • Allulose in Cheesecake ewwww.

    Trying to make something with Allulose works sometimes, or doesn’t other times. In this case though… CHEESECAKE It’s just awful. I’ve tried it with Monk Fruit to up the 30% missing sweetness of Allulose, or upped the Allulose. Allulose just tastes off when I mix it with cream cheese for some reason. My 14 year […]


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