• A Rose – 1st photo, this is bad.

    My roses were allowed to grow back, this being the first bloom to start opening. I’m struggling with my Stupid Note20U to get photos of things. All the tricks in the world, the thing just won’t keep focus properly. I haven’t had any roses to photograph much with this phone camera. I overwhelmingly took photos […]

  • Roses opening sooner than later

    Roses opening sooner than later

    I’ll be pruning unwanted stuff away soon, and the point here is I don’t even know what’s going on with them. I ripped them out because we had Green Lynx Spider all over them in 2017 and nothing was too good since then, not sure of all the rose idiocy problems or which ones, I’m […]

  • Allulose in Cheesecake ewwww.

    Trying to make something with Allulose works sometimes, or doesn’t other times. In this case though… CHEESECAKE It’s just awful. I’ve tried it with Monk Fruit to up the 30% missing sweetness of Allulose, or upped the Allulose. Allulose just tastes off when I mix it with cream cheese for some reason. My 14 year […]

  • My laptop will never get fixed

    It’s never going to be fixed. Never. It’s sad.

  • Found this tree

    Found this tree

    We are going to have to move it. A dominant maple is very near.

  • Buds Live Just Hurt

    Buds Live Just Hurt

    I tried using my Buds Live in 2020 when I got them. I have let them sit most of the time since then. Lately I tried again. They feel fine, and do, for a bit. Listening to music I can’t get 2 songs in before something starts to feel oh so not right. Samsung gives […]

  • 2nd Year Maple Seedlings -April 11, 2022

    Japanese Maples Seedlings and Maple Seedlings (Red Maple) from the trees we have on our property. These are all seedlings I collected last year.

  • Gardening in the Sun

    This is something I tell myself NOT to do every year. I do it anyway. I got somethings done, but hardly anything. It’s taxing gardening the the full sun in April. Gah. Earlier morning is better. Problem is, the itch to get stuff planted, and fixed up too strong when it was 31 degrees F. […]


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