Who owns the cat?

Well, we have a cat that visits us. He started visiting us in January 2001. He’s a beautiful Brown Tabby.

He showed up at our deck door, and sat there pretty much all of the time, taking some time off, of course, just looking inside. Two weeks LATER I started to feed him.

He’s usually around, but sometimes isn’t, for a few days to a week at a time.

The thing is, lately, the last few months, he’s really grown on me. “Good Visitor Kitty” is his name, but that hasn’t felt right the last month.

Questions about him abound. Does someone else “own” him? If someone else thinks they own him, what’s the deal, letting him roam around free all the time?

Who spends time with him? Me.

Who feeds him? Me.

Where does he sleep? On my front porch, or on the back deck, or under the car on the driveway.

The last several weeks he now wants to come into the house. Who’d blame him, it’s HOT out there! Besides that, he’s happy there. He loves to sit on my lap, or my husbands lap. He purrs alot. He likes to just lay on the floor and watch what is going on too. He doesn’t particularly like the attention of the children.

The dog doesn’t affect this cat at all. He ignores the dog. The dog does nothing to this cat. One of our other cats is very affected by the dog. He chases her. So, our visitor kitty is a cool customer. I like him.

He showed up today late in the afternoon. He wasn’t around this morning. Humph. He has a collar and a rabies tag on this afternoon, and looks cleaner … someone gave him a bath.

But he’s in our house, on my lap, at this very moment, purring and rubbing his head against me.

He’s shown up clean (obviously bathed) before, after an absense of a day or more. But then he stays by us for days on end, and weeks on end … etc

I’d like to know who thinks they own him. Or maybe it’s just another kind soul who wants to clean him up when he’s around. But I want the job. He likes us, we like him. Problem is, he’s an outside cat. But he’s aclimating to being inside more. I really think he’d do fine inside.

We have 5 other cats though. Is he healthy enough to not cause a problem with our normal status pets? Too late, some of them have interacted, sniffing noses and such. Eating and drinking from the same bowls.

So, does having possesion of his affection and time, and giving him food and water denote a kind of ownership? I’d like to think so.

But someone else, totally unknown to me, has collared him, and perhaps taken him to the vet. The tag isn’t from our vet, so calling a strange vet office to ask questions isn’t as easy to me.

I do think it my Christian duty to help animals that are around. We are to take dominion, and that does include cats. Cat’s shouldn’t be roaming about outside. They aren’t natural to this place, the United States. They are wonderful animals, but not to birds, many of which are natural to this area and on the decline. Cats are predators, no question of that.

So, feeding this cat is important, to keep him well fed. But I would prefer to feed this cat inside, and take care of all his needs. And not wonder about where else he spends PART of his time. He spends the majority of it with us. But I’ve not felt the right to “label” him as mine. Or to attach a note to him asking someone to contact us about him.

Well, we’ll just go on like this for now. It’s frustrating. There is a house up the street with lots of cats wandering about, having kittens often … multiplying and multiplying again and again. I’d like to put notes on all THOSE cats too, but they don’t come to our house.

Our responsibilities should not be limited to just ourselves. We should let our neighbors know the truth about things. Not just cats and dogs, either but TRUTH. Okay, so maybe I will attach a note to this cat.


My birthday presents arrived yesterday courtesy of FED EX Ground. Thanks to my sister for the gift certificate on buy.com, I have three new stylus for my Palm Vx, and a Rhino Skin (case) to protect said Palm Vx. Now I have a Palm that matches my Nokia, both pretty much the same silvery color 🙂

It’s useful to have those tools look similar. The darkness of that little leather flap on the Palm made it rather invisible to me most days. Wow what a difference to be clothed in LIGHT.

Hmmm. What a difference it’ll be someday to be clothed in LIGHT, when the Last Day arrives, and we, the Elect of God, become glorified.

Oh, the Christmas Wreath?

Yeah, it’s still hanging there, above the fireplace.

I did move the couch today though!

That’s how I do the best cleaning, or the only cleaning in some rooms. Move the furniture. It’s what I’ve done since I was about 8 years old. No, not just move it out of the way, clean, and then put it back. No. Reconfigure. Yeah, defrag. Move it to where it should be. Where it feels right. And clean up all the junk that is strewn here and there. Then all the FREE SPACE is clean and useable again! In a big chunk right where it’s best used.

Defragging is a computer term, for those who aren’t familiar with it. It’s a term that applies to my brain too, and spiritual life. Defragging is a good thing. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. It ends up being relaxing and refreshing, and energizing all at once. Yes, computers, brains, and spirits. All of them need defragging. Even Windows XP 😉 It works there, at least. Very efficiently too, I must add. Not at all how Win 98 SE just can’t seem to get past 10% defrag on that old machine most times. Weeks later, after numerous tries, voila! It works.

So, what am I, if I was a computer … I’d probably be that Win 98 SE computer. Yes, and I’m hoping to upgrade myself to Win XP soon. Seriously!


I harvested three sunflower heads this afternoon. One is tiny, but bursting with seeds! I didn’t want the birds to start plucking the seeds out … so off the stalks they came. They were yellow behind, so ready to dry out. One of them has been attacked already, several zigzaggy rows missing seeds. It must be the House Finches, but COULD be that male Northern Cardinal that hangs around the front of the house, where the sunflowers are, and also where we have a hanging feeder full of sunflower seeds. Guess someone loves those fresh ones better.

There are plenty more sunflowers to harvest in the coming days. These all planted themselves via the birds at the bird feeder. I had the feeder on two sides of the porch at different times. Suddenly we had sunflowers growing on both sides of the enterance sidewalk. Wonderful effect it is/was! On the West side is a huge stalk, with a huge sunflower head, and at least 19 other heads coming from up and down the stalk. Most of these are squished looking heads, and they are nearly ready to pop off, but the centers have no seeds. Guess the bees and other insects didn’t like these as much as the other sunflowers. Up the row there are a few more that are singles, and very nice. But on the East side, there are at least 6 beautiful sunflowers. Gorgeous, rounded out in the center — protruding. And untouched so far. No birds have raided them. They will be beautiful in just another week, ready to take down and dry safely. They’ll be lovely to hang ouside this Winter!

Well, think for yourselves, there are spiritual applications in the above. Not any nice little pat theory or anything, but segments exist, of the truth God shows us in everything surrounding us. Nature cries out with His story. 🙂

Christmas in July

It’s mid-July, about time to take down the wreath above the fireplace. 😉

It’s looking rather dingy now, not as green as it did in June. Yes, it’s from December. We put a fresh wreath up and leave it until we are tired of it. Well, I am not tired of it, but I can see how someone coming in to our home might wonder about it. It will look stark and empty taking it down. But not to fret, a new one will be up in just a little over 4 months from today!

Covenant Children

What is SO annoying to me is how one side of the Reformed circle of Christians is saying how the “other side” disregards it’s children as second-class, not “full” in the covenant, or calls them Baptist Presbyterians. This is so NOT the case.

Just because we don’t give our small children admittance to the Lords Supper, which is known as paedocommunnion, does not mean we are treating our children in such a bad way.

My children are part of God’s New Covenant. They were born into a Christian family, and Baptised as the New Covenant with God requires. When they are able to take the Lord’s Supper, they will. The differences between some Paedocommunionists and non-paedocommunionitsts are just that the first set believes in giving small children Communion, and the other waits until a child shows readiness in understanding what it is. Some Reformed churches are guilty of setting legalist standards that a child must reach before admittance to The Table, but this is not an across the board way in the “other side”.

Our church, one that is spat upon by many these days, doesn’t withold the Table in such legalist ways. We catechize and teach and particularly accept the fact that are children are in the Covenant. We don’t lift our children ABOVE the Covenant though.

We are accused of pushing them out of the covenant, keeping them in the dark, treating them as “children of the devil”. How far fetched is THAT?!! That’s a fantasy of some peoples minds, but not reality.

Sin permeates us all. But the Christian has victory over sin, so that it does not have the hold on us, as it does on the unregenerate. Our children are born with the tendancy to sin, just as we all were. Being regenerate doesn’t mean we don’t sin, but neither does it mean that if we beleive our children were born into Original Sin, or Totally Depraved, that they will understand sin when they are very young, and know what it is to put it to death. Understanding Christ’s Atoning Work on the Cross is an important part of The Lord’s Supper.

My children are being taught what the Bible says, who Christ is, what He did. When they demonstrate that they understand this, then we will go to the Elders immediately. What’s so wrong with THAT?

We teach our children what truth is. We don’t with-hold the truth. They aren’t “starved”, any more than I was when I was a regnerate child at a very early age. I wasn’t baptized until I was 13. Outside of the Reformed Faith I was brought up. I have the testimony of a Covenant Believer. I was regenerate and just wansn’t baptised and admitted to the Table until I was much older. I sure didn’t starve or go down a rebellious road. Far from it, I search for the deeper truth, and found the Reformed faith.

Believe me when I say, if a child of mine is able to understand Christ’s work, I’ll recognize it.

Pooh Bear. He’s cute. What

Pooh Bear. He’s cute. What does he say when he’s upset?

“Oh bother”

I have been trying to make some changes to this template today, and I can’t get anything done, due to Blogger problems. How much is this REALLY a problem, or just a ploy to make the free bloggers get Blogger Pro? Hmmmm?

Oh bother.

Getting older, no way to get away from it!

It’s my dear husbands birthday today. He’s officially older than me by two years now, just for another week though. Edging closer to middle age is really coming to mind for me lately. I struggle with that “feeling young inside” but knowing I’m getting older, and that it won’t be too many years before 40 and beyond!

When I was a small child I thought anyone in their 30’s was old. Ha! That’s so funny now!

Well, having young children when you are in your 30’s tends to keep you younger. Others my age have teens to adults as children. Yikes! We still have diaper duty in the house, and hope for another round or two of them actually.

Speaking of diapers, we use cloth. We didn’t for our first, and I wanted to use them for his second year, just never got to it. Our second baby was over a year old when I finally started using cloth. I’ve never wanted to go back to disposables. Disgusting things.

I mostly use Mother-Ease snap on diapers. They are made from Terry-cloth and are a dream to use. I do have some prefolds, and some Aussie square nappies. These are really neat, but pins are needed and I am not so good at pinning. I don’t HAVE to pin, since we have snap diapers. An occassional pinned diaper takes 5 or 10 minutes to get right. I enjoy them once in awhile. Just once in a while, mind you.

Well baby is getting older and pinning a diaper on isn’t as fun as it used to be. He’ll be two in September. Time sure flies! Yep, back to the “I’m getting old!” ideas.