1+ Week – Update

I’ve had more migraines now. This week I had one all day on Wednesday, not really bad, manageable.

The next day, Friday, it was so bad by before dinnertime I had to beg off from finishing what I started and hide in my office with my head down on the desk.

This was a switcher migraine. It took hours to fully switch, fooking misery to the upteenth counting.

Saturday morning I did some things, and it got worse then better by evening, but who is kidding who? I knew not to expect nothing.

Sunday morning, I awoke with the worst symptoms, light sensitivity that never ended all day. I ended up taking two showers just to get away from it all. It help, some, at the time, but not for long. Obviously, I took 2 showers.

I tried to sleep, it was too bright in the room, so I put my arm over my eyes. (Something I have long done at night because of horrid little lights everywhere from this and that that I try so hard to get my hubby to not use, but to no avail.)

I had music on my little Sansa Speaker system by my bedside. That helps me to get to sleep. This was The Cure – Faith album. By the time All Cats Are Grey was on I was still conscious, but the song got me really sad. My dear Grey  cat, who I called Bubba, but was officially named Blueberry Bear, and who I also called Blue, Bluebear, etc. died on June 9th. He was 13 1/2+ My entire self aches for him to return. So this migraine was really sappy by this point, and I fell asleep and awoke with no music playing.

I felt some better, but was still in miserable pain.

I had taken a shower first, then tried to sleep.  I was then awake for a bit and ended up just getting in the shower again. It was a long day of … pain. Eventually the pain moved back, meaning I didn’t have the front quadrant of the left in full pain, a line of smooth wonderfulness appeared. I felt like doing things at this point, even though my head felt so poisonously sick on the side.

I played EDF a bit, but couldn’t take it anymore. Decided to go to bed, looked at my Plex, it was offline. What? Well, having this long migraine, lets see, I was using my computer that has Plex Server, and it was fine. I don’t know what went on all day, but at that point at night it was a matter of going down and turning that computer on, it was off because  a cat walked over the power button (yes, that happens too much.)

So turned it on an left the room, shut the door, others said within minutes, do you smell smoke? Damn it!

Something went wrong in my computer setup. It wasn’t on fire, but stinky plastic electric smell permeates my office and I have that horrible job of finding out how much of what is fried. My lovely 5+ year old computer, built in January 2013.

I had a terrible night watching the one movie I had synced to my tablet weeks ago, and music later.  I was in enough pain to be really worried about how I’d be in the morning. So waking up it was yup. It hurts. Ugh I’m really light sensitive still.

I’ve just been here looking at twitter on my laptop, and then writing this, on my second cup of coffee and wow, oh wow! My pain is receded!

All this time I’ve also been taking Turmeric Ginger supplements. Not as much as three a day most of the time, but one or two if not three this whole time.

I know I need to approach this migraine stuff as mineral … salt does help. I need to force a salt loading full session for getting rid of anything plaguing me, and I do need to get some iodine in the house. I grew up with it, so many uses. As it is, my skin is getting nicer with the Turmeric, I think. I had scratches and other things that come from Summer, cats, mosquitos, etc.

Everything is resolving all the sudden. Clearing up. Nice. Salt, Turmeric, Ginger …whatever, as long as I have improvement in how I feel and feel about myself therefore… 🙂

Post 3 Self Detox

Yesterday I had the beginning of a new migraine. I thought about things, worked up my courage, and tried the 1/4 tsp. sea salt on my tongue chased with a lot of water method (not bad, not something I’d want to do every day though)… afterward I was very distracted since I stepped on a sliver of glass (not a good story, broke a mirror last week, and it was obviously a left over fragment we missed) and had to extract that, time, how much time … well, my headache pain vanished. No drinking or eating would normally do that.

Talking to my daughter she does use the green gatorade when she has a migraine and says it helps. (She has massive migraines like I did when I was younger.)

We long ago abandoned Table Salt. I have had a very iffy relationship with supplemental vitamins etc. so it comes down to now, I miss having iodine around. It’s so handy, I grew up with it for cuts and more. It’s useful to purify water, and we need it inside as well, and if food doesn’t deliver enough, well then … it’s a part of the missing pieces in my life.


Self Detox overview

Yesterday was about a Migraine that I wasn’t managing with Advil or any other medicine.

I continued on in spectacular pain and tedium about everything, nothing was good. Oh, but then the bacon package came out, my daughter was putting it into the oven to cook, put some of it in the pot of baked beans for later.

I have history with bacon. I love bacon. I love bacon when I’m feeling migraine symptoms like nothing else.

When my daughter was being made … I had more morning sickness the first 4 months than I ever felt with my sons. I moped around nursing a can of Coke, and the only thing I could eat was, yes, bacon.  Anything else was disgusting, and even if I wanted to eat, it would come back up.

That pregnancy was also a Migraine one. Horrific full 3 day frequent Migraines way into it, then other misery’s. It was just not a fun time.

So it comes down to it, one thing: Bacon. The bacon I get today is organic and uncured. It’s very special and wonderful, it’s healing to eat, from some perspective.

Yesterday I ate one piece of bacon, and then wanted another. I hadn’t felt I could eat anything before that, and what a wonderful feeling it was.

Time went on I ended up taking a shower and lying down afterward, slept some, but still had the migraine pain, but at least had a break from it.  Eventually, not that long after getting up, the pain receded, but I still could feel something going on, so took it easy. But I was able to eat and drink “normally” and play a game on my PS4.

There’s an aspect to Migraines that I see them as, Poison is how I see them. I have a Poison attack. Why? I don’t know why it happens or why I think that.

In the past I have been known to take some sea salt, put it in a spoon of sour cream, and eat it. Not a pinch, more like a teaspoon more or less.

I swear that has helped. Well if “Salt Dosing” (which I stumbled onto yesterday when looking for Migraine natural remedies) is something that works for Bromine toxicity, and it is said to maybe help Migraines, it’s similar enough to what I seemingly crave under a Migraine, bacon, salt. !!!

I’ve practically done a Salt Dosing, though not taking the absolute steps of chasing with water to the degree SD takes you, I have noted the fact that my body seems to shut down in Poison Mode. Nothing going in will come out normal channels, it’s miserable. Salt will save the day? Makes sense.

So having a Migraine is more than a headache. It’s so much more than a headache, though much of it IS pain in the head.

Feeling Migraine pain on one side, I’m poisoned on one side of my head, but my whole body. That’s really weird.

I often have Left side migraines. Bad but not the worse. Right side migraines are my worst.

Some Migraines change to the other side. When that happens, if I’m awake, the whole thing slowly transfers over gently, or more noticeably it’ll speed to the center forehead, spanning it horribly before settling onto the other side.

When it goes from Right to Left, that better. Left to Right is not progress (since it’s the worst side to have that Migraine pain on.)

So my goal is to feel better, be able to deal with any migraines I get, and maybe lessen the likelihood I’ll get one.

My daughter inherited Migraines. This is where I want to get, to have resources to try and remedy her misery before she goes much further in life.

Self Detoxing

Years of being a human, one predisposed to aches, headaches and migraines, if I said I haven’t taken any Advil or any other pain medication since Monday, July  30, 2018 some might think I haven’t had any need of it.

Which is not the case.

I made an informed decision on Sunday, July 29, 2018 that going forward I wouldn’t take habitual meds for pain.

I always have been very sensitive to so many things. I have some problems due to foods ingested longterm, no doubt. I have several times in my lifetime stopped eating any Potatoes and for months and months like that certain types of issues would fade.

Of late everything is compiling. If I don’t change something, it’ll put me down for the count (just feels like it, you know how that goes.)

So as it goes, I’m not going to take ANY pain meds for the next few months, unless I have every freaking need to for some not current thing.

I have self treated migraines since I was 16. I didn’t know they were migraines until my early 20’s. Professionals haven’t a clue how to handle pain or migraines or allergies combined in a person like me. I used to try. I stopped after so many non-caring or caring individuals prescribed this or that to me (never a migraine preventative or rescue ever) and failed me for the most part.

Then for me to use the one thing that helped my female monthly troubles, Ibuprofen, as a tool against pain, any pain, I have to attribute that to a caring professional that prescribed it for my horrible two or three first days of absolutely worse than anything you can imagine female monthly woes.

Unfortunately at that time it was Motrin Prescription only, so I didn’t always have that in my stash as the years went on, but once it went otc, it was in my stash as Motrin, then Advil.

That type of medicine is not what I really want to take. My pain and Tylenol, they coexist. Yes, Tylenol laughs cruelly at my pain, and that is worse than ‘kind of working.’

Frequent taking of Advil because I’m too tired to go to sleep, achy.

Frequent taking of Advil because I have a migraine, must attack it ASAP. Didn’t do anything, how many hours ago was that … ah, ok I’ll take more … and then more … and then … more …. it has to stop!

Wake up in the morning sometimes with night achyness. Like I’m reversed. Advil, of course.

Well, lets just say I was taking Advil weekly most days off and on, more sometimes, less sometimes, but always open to my friend in the cabinet.

It’s been a tough week. I’m trying hard, my will to get through this is strong. But my current state is Migraine since awaking this morning. Usually I’d sit here at my desk miserable, waiting for the Advil to kick in and lessen my symptoms … but who’s kidding who here? The Advil wouldn’t be helping me so much. I have to let the thing run it’s course. Why is it the pain and light sensitivity are here at the same time, but then one or the other vanishes. Advil doesn’t help. Why did I insist it did?

Music has helped me through pain more than ANYTHING else. As that goes, I’m having  a problem with music, it’s plain f—- annoying to me right now. I wish it was Winter, cold outside, it would be so blissful to walk around the yard … so, visualizing that, for the moment, does give me some relief.

This is my first Migraine since stopping Advil. I’m wondering how long this will last. Habits from the past … migraines would last for days … three days.  Wholly I can’t go through that … um… Advil may have altered how it works in me, migraines, that is. It’s going to be worse or better in the coming days, I just have to suffer and figure out what to do.

Since Thursday, August 2, 2018 I’ve been taking a Tumeric supplement. I’ll try and report how that is week to week. I want to try some other things as well. The Tumeric idea is for my general well being feeling, joints and such.

I’m not asking anyone for help. I’m hoeing this row alone. Thank you for not suggesting anything but herbal from now on.

Ugly Spring, Spring is ugly.

Allergies continue to plague me this season

I’m having a terrible time with allergies this year. My eyes are gooey and I’m sneezing randomly, clogged up … dragging. [Every year things are different, constancy is getting stuffy, that’s my thing.] Dripping, itchy eyes, sneezing, this is that crazy sometimes allergy, but it is what it is, right now it is what I am.

Years ago I did the allergy testing, doctors etc. Seldane, Seldane D, … for a time. I hate taking decongestants all the time. So I dropped off the table of being a scientific experiment for others.

OTC I have Benadryl on hand for nighttime use only. If it’s bad enough I’ll take one tiny pink pill before going to sleep. Minute doses work best for me. Sudafed red pills, 2 is a dose, I take one a day, 1 red pill, maybe another the same day, but not usually. I just need to get the edge moving.  I had Sudafed 12 hour this past couple of years, hubby kept getting it, and through some cold viruses it was good to have around, but for my daily allergy it makes me feel wrong, empty, useless, unmotivated.

Good old Red Sudafed is my friend, my half-dose help at a lighter sinus congestion.

Spring is ugly.

A DVD is not a Blu-ray

Disc, CD, DVD, Blu-ray

These words are not all interchangeable. No. Not at all.

Disc is the first word. It is what each following word is. Saying “disc” means one of those formats, not a specific one though. Disc is an optical disc. [In other computing terms: Disk is a Hard Drive Disk or a Floppy Disk. Disc is also what a vinyl record is, and devolves into other fields not related to computers and data.]

CD is the next word. CD is a disc. Specifically a data disc, an Audio Disc (CD stands for Compact Disc), and sometimes other formats of media, decrepit now. CD for Audio is still going strong.

CD is not the word to use when referring to DVD or Blu-ray video content.

DVD is the next word. DVD is a disc. Specifically a data disc that can hold a lot of information and is primarily the previous generation of Video format that was sold, still is. Movies on DVD were way better than the old tapes (VHS) and this is where people go wrong. DVD is only this format of disc. DVD‘s are quite different from Blu-ray discs.

Blu-ray is the last word. Blu-ray is a massively upgraded disc from the previous generation. It can hold much more data and is able to hold movies in Full HD, 3D, or even now UHD (4K, HDR)

So yes, UHD Blu-ray is the next generation of disc, but closely related to Blu-ray, much more than Blu-ray is related to DVD.

When I read people’s reviews on products, like on Amazon, they say “CD” when talking about either DVD or Blu-ray they purchased. Or they call CD‘s they purchased “DVD” or Blu-ray will be called “DVD“.

I don’t review this very often, if I did I would stick to calling a spade a spade. I do not understand why others can’t call the format out properly.

What is it about calling all disc releases DVD. Many things  are available now, language needs to be updated on many sites, companies, etc.

Syncing Problems Solved

Google Backup & Sync, how did I solve it? Delete my Google Photos Folder in Google Drive.

That’s that.

My Downloads folder is backed up, I can barely stand the fact I lost my freaking Downloads folder when my last SSD died suddenly. I have a weird thing of organizing content in my Downloads folder … CD and Movie covers, and other junk upon junk, precious junk, to me, though.

I’m putting my favorite SLR photos onto Google Drive via Backup & Sync,  just one at a time, Original Quality, I’m trying to figure out what I really want to do with all my photographs. Anyway, I do have Google Drive inserting my Photos into Google Photos.

My recenter phone photos, some are quite good, but my hand curated EOS 7D photos stand out from the crowd.

Also, in Google Photos I can type “7D” and immediately  all my uploaded Drive photos are in view, as well as the couple I manually uploaded to photos here and there.

Of course this means I don’t have my years of mobile photos, as saved in Google Photos on my computer.

Backup & Sync – Issues Still

Well, in the end it didn’t even work out.  For my own sanity, I’ll keep plucking away at this problem…

Let’s be clear though, Google Backup and Sync is “Downloading” these videos and some, or all, of them may or definitely some, are already in that folder (and they are playable. Short phone videos, that’s all they are. Why are they syncing down if they are there? Well once the ridiculous rigmarole fails again, then we shall see what remains and what hairs I can split to make this circus end.

Help sites say, “Manually download” the video. OK, guess what? This file is already in that folder, [compare information, exactly the same everything about them.] It’s already in the folder. Google though, wants to sync it still. Augh!