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Having stopped taking over the counter drugs of any kind for the most part, I have taken some of the Red Pill Sudafed … but only one pill, and days apart, maybe three pills since I started this.

I took one Liquid Advil last week, in the middle of the night when I had some horridly achy pain I couldn’t sleep well. Finally fell asleep and woke up feeling fine the next morning. That’s the only time I have taken any Advil, and it was only one.

I haven’t gotten any Iodine yet, and also I do want Boneset tinctures.


I have stopped eating most Nightshade veggies. Specifically Tomatoes I have had a better time with, but I love tomato in so many things … It’s going to be something that I have to stop for the time being, get things that will aide me, then later try minimal tomato applications.

Potato is another that I’ve stopped eating over the years here and there. Really I feel so much better if I don’t have any potato, but honestly I am really super German and Irish and English so … it’s very miserable not to have a baked potato, mashed, fried, browned, hashed, oh boy. Taters, Precious, what is it?

Bell Peppers, I didn’t like them when I was a kid. (My Mom wasn’t a good cook.) I learned to really appreciate Red Sweet Peppers when I was an adult, not having this is disturbing. I’ll try some things with these in minimal usage sooner than later.

I love many things I’ve made that I consider not American cuisine, Mexican, Italian, Thai.

Grains and Meat

Of all the things there are, my more recent Thai-like cooking is best, but that’s exactly something that I can’t make for the family often, they like it, but … so anyhow I love Rice, and there is a lovely Quinoa/Rice Ramen I can find at Costco, it’s really nice.

Already I don’t eat a large amount of things, but fish and seafood, keep it away from me. This means I really don’t have much in the world of food to draw from.

I love beef, bison, turkey, pork, chicken, in that order.

Beef first since I can have most any cut available to me. Bison second since Bison can be gotten sometimes, and cut is spectacular. Turkey, need I say more? It’s wonderful. Pork, pastured pork, step 5, yum. Chicken, I am sick of chicken breasts. We have that in the freezer, no cuts, just boneless chicken breasts.

So what can I do with chicken breasts … yes, Thai. Rice or Ramen. 

Quinoa I like too, but I haven’t figure out how to use it with anything but butter, stock and onions. 


Eating breakfast is something I always want to do, but no potatoes limits that, eggs don’t sit well most of the time, and cereal … most cereal is either oats or corn. I can’t eat oats, makes me feel bloated and disgusting.

Sometimes I make Cream of Wheat. I try other things, I need to get more Kamut and make my own breakfast cooking cereal. Texture is important to me, or the lack of a smooth texture is. Don’t like chunky, gratey kinds of cooked cereal. I don’t like slimy either. Smooth and creamy, that is what I like.

Yogurt is something I abhor unless is just an ingredient inside something, or frozen yogurt. It’s the texture. Eating yogurt is like eating sour cream with sand. Ugh.

So I like natural, organic everything, but I don’t like hardly anything in the first place. This is hard. I like green beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, yams. I like some lettuces. I can’t eat spinach, it swells my tongue. I don’t like broccoli, it’s bitter as dirt. Don’t get me started on what I think of most other veggies. Yeah, I’m a supertaster. It’s miserable.

Hollow Night: how it all came to be this way for me.

Hollow Knight has taken me prisoner.

Birthday Pop-Up Card for my son that I made with my daughters artsy drawing of the two characters from Hollow Knight.

On September 12th I was trying to come up with ideas for a card for the next day. I was drawing a blank. Then my daughter mentioned Hollow Knight, drawing something, and I could make a Pop-Up with it. It was more a joke, but not entirely. Hollow Knight had just be announced coming to console on September 25th, with pre-orders to start on PS4 on the 14th.

She and my son talked about Hollow Knight here and there, and were interested in it, I knew the name, but didn’t really understand what it was.

So about Pop-Up’s, “I can do that, all I have to do is look up some instructions.” I hadn’t made one in a long time, and I wanted to to do a decent job.

In the next moments the idea for the card came into being and she agreed to draw something.

I cut the figures out and put the card together. We chose the purple papers for the backdrop together.

We were giddy over the results. I put it in the envelope, that Pop-Up card, after we fawned over it and snapped so many photos. Super excited for the night to be over so we could see him open the card! My other son was audibly impressed when he saw it. Priceless. It was well liked by the whole family.

So basking in all that glory I looked up more about Hollow Knight the previous day and the day of the birthday. I was so hooked by the time I cut the figures out, really.

I ended up getting the main soundtrack on Humble Bundle (it’s not in Google Play, and I prefer to own things I really like so…) yesterday. 

This morning, just after 3am I started checking PSN Store for the pre-order, finally getting that nearly 12 hours later.

Countdown begins!

Hollow Knight Pre-order Countdown PS4

So above my Christmas Countdown on the right sidebar, I’ll put a Hollow Knight countdown too. 🙂

I know the game is going to torture me once I have it to play. I look forward to the misery.

Guitar Hero Live: Forget-it

I had decided to try to get all the GHL trophies on PS4 before it’s shut down near the end of 2018. All August 2018 I played EDF 4.1 instead, thinking I’d put my all into it Sept., Oct., and Nov. …

While playing EDF I came to grips with, isn’t EDF actually harder to Platinum? Yes and No, but resoundingly YES I need to Platinum EDF 4.1. Why? I have three other EDF games, one on PS3 and two on PS Vita, that probably won’t get Platinumed, hopefully on PS Vita both EDF 2017 and EDF 2 will happen, but 2025 on PS3 won’t for sure.

I want to Platinum EDF 4.1 on PS4 very, very much. I love the game. But playing alone isn’t so easy like on Hardest, I’m on Machine Squad … that and most after it are nye impossible for Wing Diver alone.

The unfortunate state of EDF 4.1

Any playthrough of a level for completion of a difficulty only counts for online if played online, or offline if played offline. This means one cannot play all the levels alone they can get done, and go online to get help with the remainder.

There is 2-player split-screen offline play … one can choose to use two controllers for two characters that way, all alone, that can help progressing armor accumulation, and also get through some levels, but having a second person controlling that second character helps all the more. Some people don’t have anyone else, so playing online is a better choice, but one should have friends to make that work out best, and then the total difference of playing online, how much more health enemies have … it’s way harder than playing offline. At least with others playing with you three to four of you are attacking and reviving each other as need be.

I live in a house with my family. Two others in my family like EDF. Getting them to finish my online Hardest Wing Diver playthrough though … they won’t. We played it together, and have about 3 levels left. So since then I started Hardest as Wing Diver offline and got all they way down the list to Machine Squad, and splot, there I am stuck. We did all together start playing as other characters after they wouldn’t finish Hardest that I spoke of earlier.

We took a break, and since that they won’t play with me now, the last few weeks, and I’m frustrated. I want to just get further and further as much as possible so I can Platinum this game before EDF 5 arrives on Western Shores. They don’t want to Platinum it. They are not trophy hunters. 

Neither am I, it’s just that I am a select Platinum Hunter.

Missing the Hummingbirds

It’s been so quiet around here this past week. I saw one Ruby-throated Hummingbird about a week ago, and that was that. Migration is underway.

My Feeders

I want to get rid of most of them, not efficient for cleaning/filling to re-hang throughout the Summer. Only one has an integral piece that acts like a gasket and tightens the bottle secure to the feeder section.

Other ones I have are simply complicated … a separate gasket piece fit over the edge, gets moldy fast, so what  pain it is … and then putting it all together it’s not secure … loosely one must take it slow and just stop and gingerly carry it to the hanging spot. No fun for me or the birds, I’m reticent to take it down and refill it, so let it go empty all the longer.

August 11, 2018

Feeder in the middle is my favorite. Feeder on top right is one of the complicated ones. Hummingbird there doesn’t care, it all tastes the same, yummy sugar water!

Dyson DC14 Wand Cap Replacement

I am amazed that I never blogged about my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I love the thing, DC14 Animal … oh, had it for years now. At any rate, the wand cap broke off long ago and I always fancied I’d get a replacement for it, sooner than later. Well it was later. I was on Amazon last week and saw a Dyson on sale … which prompted me to look for Dyson parts … oh boy I can replace almost anything on this fine piece of machinery.

DC14 Wand Cover set.

There were two in the package. The darker one is for my machine, and the other is not. It’s shiny, dark and new, covering up the nasty scratched up purple end of my extension wand. It’s darker than anything on my machine, quizzical as to why it’s made in that color, the old one was lighter.

This vacuum is listed as a 2004 entry for Dyson, and End of Line in 2012. We definitely have had this since mid-2000’s. The best way to find when something happened is in blog posts. If not there, ALL MY PHOTOS. At least most of them are digital from then forward.

My dear cat, Bubba, who died this past June (2018) sitting by my Dyson DC14 Animal on August 2, 2008.

So I did just look at pictures for awhile and found a few pictures in 2008 with my nice purple Dyson in them. So it’s been 10 years, I have no plans to ever replace it as long as it runs. I’m happy knowing if the canister cracks in any way I can get a replacement. 🙂

On Subtitles; Plex

I prefer subtitles. I just want subtitles for what is being said by each character. Am I hard of hearing? No. I am Visual though, highly visual and if sound and images don’t clearly separate, text helps me to immediately translate sounds into language. Watching movies and tv like this makes everything that is said understand-able. Watching like this for my own language content. Or foreign content.

I also like watching Japanese or German or French content: English Subtitles, Original Language Audio.

I’m not a fan of dubbed content. Some dubbed is better than others. Overall, one can’t go wrong sticking with Original though. For me, that’s the case, and I’m fine sticking with subtitles on for everything. I get more out of it (and practice reading more 😉 )

How about why this is even better?: My family often makes a lot of noise, blocking out sounds of a show. It’s alright if I read the subtitle…

On my tablet I watch things later at night with the volume low. I can hear it but to understand … give me those subtitles and it’s a golden setup.

I use Plex for most of my watching content that I own. Subtitles for Vobsub content lose the subtitle after awhile.

This is annoying. Many have said “just convert vobsub to srt.” … more work and not worth it for all content, I have done a few, only certain things. It’s OCR and manually fixing errors. Downloading SRT I am not happy with … I’ve deleted everything that Plex downloaded when I had that setup. They can be horrible and I’d rather just stick with what my disc comes with.

The other option is to “Always burn subtitles” and that is then not Direct Playing any content, and my only issue is with  Vobsub DVD rips. Most of my content is Bluray PGS which is not a problem. But transcoding everything is not my desire.

If I had a larger MicroSD card in my tablet I could download more movies which would solve the Vobsub loss problem, for those things. But it’s not really solving the problem. It’s a Plex issue.

So when the subtitles are lost, pausing or stopping the video crashes my Plex Android app. Restarting the app I can Resume and have subtitles for a short time until they disappear again. Initial watching I can get up to 20-something minutes of the video before they are lost.

All in all it’s frustrating, moving to another media program isn’t an option. I love much about Plex and want to use it. 

So one other thing I’ve done is mux the video out of a movie that I know very well, like Return of the King, and play that as an Audio Movie. Well it’s not precisely perfect as .MKA will play in a Music library on Plex, and you have to supply all the media and poster information. I scrobble, so then I have weird things in my profile on but oh well. It’s nice to just listen to a movie that has good music and is ultra familiar without playing the video it’s less resource hoggy and you can do other things while listening.

.MKA is a great container for movies audio or music albums, but still Plex isn’t as awesome as that … no chapter markers are recognized, and if they were, I’d be happy, and so would others. True gapless playback could be achieved.

Socionics INTp

I have always known I was P in personality ending. I always knew I was an Introvert.  I always knew I was an NT. (Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s anything about personality I soaked up, and it was everywhere, so many differing tests and systems …)

Anyway, Myer-Briggs gets it all wrong.

I am not an INTJ, nope. I am not INTj either. INTp .. INTP … but I don’t like MB, I like Socionics. Which makes me ILI “Intuitive Logical Introvert”

Socionics nuances way better on functions, and it was great more than a decade ago when I first read about it, this is precisely what I’ve been thinking. I grew to understand it more, and I’m no expert, but I had to know about myself, and why I am the way I am.

I hate coming up with dinner

I mean, I make something great this one particular day, the next day, I haven’t a clue. One can’t make awesome dinners for a family of six every day, day after day. It just eludes me. (I feel weak, pathetic, and useless to make dinner.)

Now one good thing is using the Crock Pot, with the right cuts of meat in the freezer and enough time … magic. But this last week I did that. Two days in a row. My children made meatloaf and macaroni and cheese another day. Yesterday, it was “Hamburger Crap or nothing” which is my bottom of the barrel ‘oh I hate making this for dinner but what else is there?’

This dish “Hamburger Crap” is the name it got because of the every day problem, “What’s for dinner?” years ago. It’s been a long time, but we had it just last night. It’s simply Hamburger Stroganoff , which has ruined beef stroganoff for me forever.

Parameters of my personality: I am an Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving — Socionic-wise. I don’t do everyday so great. Let me cook for Holidays and Birthdays and days I have the energy and ideas and resources to want to cook.