Irma Impact 2 (w/ animation gif)

Rain -- TS Irma September 11, 2017, NE GA

Tropical Storm Imra is here. It’s been raining here since sometime during the night, and all day it’s been raining and gusty, and gustier and gustier and will get even more so than that later, so we are told


Rain -- TS Irma September 11, 2017, NE GA
Rain — TS Irma September 11, 2017, NE GA


Rain & Wind animation -- TS Irma September 11, 2017, NE GA
Rain & Wind animation — TS Irma September 11, 2017, NE GA

Irma Impact 1 (w/ .mp4)

September 10, 2017 The sky is grey to dark grey now. No more blue skies.

It has been very breezy in NE Georgia the last few days, and now the Irma impact has made it’s way to us, the Water Vapor Map gif below shows it up to 12:30pm today.

SE US Water Vapor to 12:30pm September 10, 2017
SE US Water Vapor to 12:30pm September 10, 2017
September 10, 2017 The sky is grey to dark grey now. No more blue skies.
September 10, 2017 The sky is grey to dark grey now. No more blue skies.


What happens tonight … we shall see.

Here’s a video taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone from the same time I took the above photo. Gusting.











My Folding Wayfarers Glasses

My glasses arrived on Monday. It’s so nice to have a full pair of Transitions glasses again.

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer’s are the sunglasses I’ve loved for years, so getting a new pair in Tortoiseshell for my first pair of main glasses is what I did. (I also have a new pair of black folding wayfarers that I want to get made into full transitions with prescription lenses.)

Remember when I posted my new sunglasses which I had gotten just for this purpose.

Originally, money being tight, we were trying to find out if we could get the lenses out of the broken frames into a new frame, they had a similar shape [lenses] if not the same as Wayfayer but … in the end I really just wanted to get new lenses made if possible, and was able to get it done this month.

YouTube TV is Better than Hulu Live or PS Vue

I have started my third Live TV streaming service trial this weekend.

First it was PS Vue. It was pretty much unused, a large waste of money for a few months earlier this year.

Second it was Hulu Live. It was used more, but only the streaming content, the LIVE version was fairly ignored, especially since any TV/Console version of Hulu was streaming only. I stopped the Live service this month, it’ll run until Sept. 9, though I still don’t use it. Streaming content only. Big waste of money LIVE was for us for a few months.

Third, this is what is current: YouTube TV. The features and price are right. Less channels, the ones I want, the lesser price with unlimited saves for 9 months. Nicer than the other services by far. $35 per month.

Not only that, but YouTube TV interface is exactly what makes sense for me. There isn’t a YouTube TV app for Android TV yet. I hope there will be one. I also hope they’ll come out with console specific ones too.

As it is, if Android TV apps come out, my upstairs master bedroom has to have it available on the horrid Forge TV box, which isn’t very straightforward, so many apps don’t make it to Forge TV for dumb reasons. (No Vudu, no Netflix.)

Other than that consoles are at every TV so that would work too. PS3 and PS4. Though the way Youtube TV works is by google credentials, I share it with my family, so their sign-in’s are their google credentials, not a Choose Profile, and Android TV and Console versions of apps don’t always have profile login choices nor multiple google sign in’s so …. ouch. Thinking about it, it won’t work well for different users. 🙁

Hulu on Android TV has no profiles. Netflix does.

Hulu on PS4 has profiles. So does Netflix.

Android TV has a single google profile on it.

My son and I share a VRV and Crunchyroll account. It gets confusing. When others use my different streaming accounts without profiles on places it messes with MY profile so is worse than sharing one VRV account. [They have their own profiles on those other services, but when signing into an app some places, profiles don’t exist so it defaults to my main profile.]

So LIVE TV though, that is what I’m writing about. I like YouTube TV on PC via the browser or on tablet via the app. I’ve only had it for 2+ days and I really like it, more than I could say about the other two.

I couldn’t install YouTube TV on my Samsung S3 Tablet via PlayStore. I found it on an alternate .apk site and that side-loaded just fine and dandy, it works!  It is very much like the PC browser version.

Library | Home | Live [the top of page/app]

Easy to add shows on Home and Live, searching works well, and YouTube integration for other things makes it very nice. Library is where you saved content is accessed. Home will recommend things, for the most part. Live is just that, Live, all the channels up to down, what’s on now, and what’s on next. Click a channel name, get a pop up for that channel and if it has a family of channels that page has it all, and more sub menus to find shows and movies on those channels.

All of this comes down to me being very Google-centric. I love Android phones, really like Android TV. I really like Google Music (All Access,) and wish that UV would extend to Google, then I could use the Google Movies & TV app more. As it goes I find it most useful to use Vudu, but love the Disney linking to so many services. I love watching my Disney content via Google Movies & TV the most.

I don’t have a big problem in having to cast Youtube TV to my Android TV. I just didn’t want to use my phone for that. Having the app on my tablet is what I wanted and having to side-load it was a major but really minor issue in the end.

I’ve been trying to get my hubby to convert to one of these LIVE TV services. He was a no-go on the others. So far I don’t think he’s loaded YouTube TV up, anywhere, and is out of town this week so is locked out of using it when away. Too bad for him. I really want him to try it and see how it’s possible to watch without that horrible DirecTV Genie remote. I last used DirecTV to watch something, when Fear the Walking Dead was new, first season. I fiddled to find movies at some point after that, but didn’t watch anything but one movie that was already airing when I started viewing it.

Directv, PS Vue, Hulu Live, YouTube TV. YouTube TV I find the easiest to see what’s on all the channels now, and find shows and movies to add to my Library, and feel like I want to watch things from the coming seasons for the first time in a long time, and that gives me some catch-up work on Hulu Streaming, or Netflix, or CBS All Access.

All the YouTube TV content is at my fingertips. I only need to click the plus sign. It’s really nice. I would have tried this service first, but it wasn’t available where I live until recently.

For me lack of channels isn’t an issue, but it might be for someone else.

YouTube TV is supposed to be strong with Sports FWIW, not my thing, but that’s my hubby. All he’ll have to do is Favorite Teams, etc and everything will record related to that.

It’s pretty easy to get lost in adding content, like it is getting lost when at Wikipedia, pages and topic away from where you started, so much learned. So in this case it’s more and more and more content that will record. More available to you in the future. More available in that unlimited DVR. Yes, very, very nice.

Netflix Marvel TV Show Activity History

I don’t know when I started to watch Daredevil on Netflix, it was longer ago and not in my Netflix Activity History anymore. It was a few months ago … I also noticed Jessica Jones wasn’t in my Activity History either, except my watching of it yesterday and the day before. I watched it before, my Netflix profile shows each episode as watched, and I know I watched it. I didn’t watch it on someone else’s profile either. I watched it on my office screen.

I need to keep a running list of what I watched, when, etc. Ack!

So it’s important to understand how digital pages can change. Data can be edited, changed, erased, deleted.

My old 1980’s notebook pages of things I did are value, and the same idea holds true today. Hardcopy of what things I’ve streamed.

Here’s my own edition of the Marvel Netflix shows: First watched and any [re-watched] below. Latest watched order top to bottom. I’ll be making a better system for blog data of shows later.

  • 2015/2016 [2017] Jessica Jones
  • 2017 Daredevil Season 2
  • 2017 Luke Cage
  • 2017 Daredevil Season 1 (started over)
  • 2017 Iron Fist
  • 2015 Daredevil Season 1 (First 3 episodes)

Green Lynx Spider Egg Sacs – 2 different spiders

#1 Green Lynx Spider with Egg Sac, August 22, 2017
#1 Green Lynx Spider with Egg Sac, August 22, 2017

The above photo is of the big Green Lynx Spider that is in earlier posts & pictures on this blog. She has stayed in the same cluster of flowers since I spotted her, eating bees and wasps and hornets, until sometime after the flowers faded when she made her egg sac. Spiderlings may soon emerge.

#2 Green Lynx Spider with Egg Sac, August 22, 2017
#2 Green Lynx Spider with Egg Sac, August 22, 2017

#2 Green Lynx Spider is very visible with her new egg sac today.  In a few weeks I’ll be looking for the emerging spiderlings.